Asus Gaming Laptop vs MSI Gaming Laptops – Which is best?

Asus Gaming Laptop vs MSI Gaming Laptops – Which is best?

The gaming industry is in the boom nowadays. A research report states that gaming laptops’ revenue reached 10.96 billion U.S. dollars and aimed to reach 17.82 billion U.S. dollars by 2026, so you can imagine how big the market is for gaming laptops.

Many companies are manufacturing gaming laptops, but here we have two; these dominate the industry, and they are Asus and MSI. There are many people out there who ask which one is the better, so we are comparing these two giants to find out which one is better.

Asus Gaming Laptops

These are some of the most famous and powerful laptops in the gaming industry. It is a Taiwanese company working in the industry since 1989. 

The Asus has many budget laptops that fulfill the needs of every customer. The interesting fact about the Asus, which very few people know, is that the formers engineers make it of Acer.

  • It is a very well-reputed brand with many awards on its shelf.
  • Slim and very elegant gaming laptops
  • Asus can compromise on built quality but not on specifications.
  • The motherboard of the Asus gaming laptops is unmatchable.
  • It has ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce.
  • Two years warranty
  • It doesn’t have any bag or case with the laptops
  • Limited customer care centers
  • The touchpad is not good in these gaming laptops

MSI Gaming Laptops

In gaming laptops, Taiwanese companies are killing it with their gaming laptops. It is another Taiwanese multinational company known as MSI (micro star international). 

The headquarters of the company is situated in the new Taipei city, Taiwan, and it was started in 1986.

They are in the industry for a while, and they are very popular among gamers due to their powerful gaming laptops and accessories.

  • It is also a very well known and trusted brand
  • It has cherry MX speed switches.
  • It comes in two colors, black and white
  • The MSI designs are premium and compact.
  • They have RGB keyboards in all of their models.
  • The brand gives the damage and accidental coverage.
  • Poor support system
  • Limited color options

Now let’s find out what the difference is between them.

Name Asus MSI
Components When we talk about the component, then Asus is giving a tough competition to the MSI. 
We have tried the two gaming laptops of the Asus ROG Zephyrus with 8th generation i7 processors and ROG Scar Strix 9th generation i9 processor.
 And they were very outclass as compare to the other brands. 
They are also using the i3 processors or AMD-quad core processors in their many laptops, which you can get if you are on a budget
The components are a very important part when you are going to buy a gaming laptop. Three components are compulsory for gaming laptops, and those are
ProcessorsRAMGraphics card
The MSI gaming laptops are using the 8th generation Intel processors in their budget models. But there are also some expensive gaming laptops in which they are using the i9 processors, so; it’s up to your pocket that you will buy.
Design Asus is winning the competition with their range of creative and attractive laptops. If the design is your priority and someone will complement your gaming laptop, you should go with the Asus.
They have many slim, smart, and attractive designs in many colors on which you will enjoy your gaming time even more than before.
The gamers need their laptop to be creative and stylish, and these manufacturers know this thing so, they are putting a lot of effort into making the design best for the gamers.
The MSI has the credit to manufacture the smallest gaming laptop. They also have some other good sleek designs, but when we talk about the overall design of the MSI gaming laptops, there are many things in the designs that can be improved.
Display The display is a very important thing for gamers; gamers consider two things in the display when they are going to buy the gaming laptops. One is screen size, and the other is the refresh rate. 
There are two screen options in the gaming laptops; one is 15.6, and the other is 17.3; you can choose both with the 4k and high-quality colors.
The Asus has a 144 GHz refresh rate, which is less than the MSI gaming laptops.
The screen sizes of the MSI gaming laptops are the same as the Asus ones, 17.3 and 15.6.
The MSI is beating Asus in the refresh rate; it has 240GHZ of refresh rate, making the MSI gaming display ideal for gamers.
Keyboard The Asus knows that gamers like to play games on RGB keyboards so they have also added high-quality RGB lights that you can sync with the music or any other devices with aura sync technology. You can also control and change the color of each key. The MSI gaming laptops are focusing on the design and look of the laptops. They have added RGB lights that add more beauty to it, and you’ll love them when you are playing games with more than 16.8 million color options.
Graphics Card If you are a Pubg or Fortnite player, then the Asus has many gaming laptops for you, which they are featuring GTX 1080, GTX 1050, GTX 1050Ti, or even the AMD Radeon Rx 560X. 
Asus gaming laptop’s budget options are featuring RTX 2080 Graphics card, which also provides high-quality graphics.

The most important thing in the gaming laptop is the graphics cards responsible for the game’s graphics and display. 
The MSI gaming laptops have the Radeon RX Graphics, making sure that most of the games work perfectly. 
Cooling The Asus laptops have a cooling system which you expect to be in the high levels gaming desktops.
The MSI and Asus both have the best cooling systems in the laptops that cooler your laptops when they are heating up. But some of Asus laptops have anti-dust technology, which ensures their low maintenance life.
When you are using laptops with these kinds of features, then there are more chances that your laptop will be heated; that is why the gaming laptop has good cooling systems, which cools them down when you are playing games.
The MSI features 11 pipes and two fans, making it two times cooler than the other gaming laptop.
Support and Warranty The Asus is also not doing better than the MSI in their phone support. Firstly they’ll not pick up the number, and if fortunately, they pick up the phone, they’ll keep you on waiting for thousand years. But one plus point is that if you text them on the website or any other social platform, they’ll reply to you in seconds. They are giving a 1-year warranty on all laptops. In the support, the MSI is doing very badly their phone support cannot solve your queries, and if you message them on social media, they will reply after 5 to 6 days. So, I am very disappointed with the customer support, and they need to improve it. 
But the in warranty they are doing some reasonable job because they are giving one-year warranty and bear the first accident charges that suit the clumsy person like me.


Gaming is the growing market day by day, and this covid-19 gives a new boom to this industry. Many manufacturers are making excellent quality gaming laptops, but we have better gaming laptops when selecting from the Asus and MSI.

So, both are the top quality brand, but which one is better? It depends on your personal choice because the Asus has the better motherboards while the MSI is better in the refresh rate.

It depends on your personal choice and requirements, but we choose the Asus gaming laptop because of its creative and attractive designs and more color options. But if you love the MSI gaming laptop’s specifications, you should always go with it.


Is MSI a Chinese company?

 No, it is not a Chinese company. MSI is a Taiwanese company founded by joseph Hsu, Jeans Huang, Kenny Yu, Henry Lu, Wentong Lin in 1986. The headquarters of the MSI is situated in Taipei city.

 Is MSI a good GPU brand?

Yes, the MSI is a good GPU manufacturing company, but it is not the best GPU brand. If we do some research, then MSI is in the top 10 best GPU manufacturing companies.

 Does MSI make good gaming laptops?

Yes, MSI is also a good brand that manufactures good quality gaming laptops. There are some things in which the MSI beats the Asus gaming laptops, and that is the refresh speed. MSI gaming laptop has a refresh 240GHZ, and the Asus has 144GHZ, which makes it a good choice for gamers.