[Top 7] Best Gaming Glasses in 2021 - Reviewed & Buying Guide

[Top 7] Best Gaming Glasses in 2021 – Reviewed & Buying Guide

In today’s era when people spend most of their time on their laptops or computers either working or for entertainment. In entertainment, gaming is ever-popular between children and adults alike. You spend hours and hours of your free time on playing your favorite games. 

As with such long use of computers and laptops, it’s very likely that you get a lot of strain on your eyes, and with constant usage due to the rays emitting from electronic devices your eyes pain and get weak with the passage of time.

In order to prevent or minimize the adverse effect of watching screen for such long period of time, it is necessary to use a device that can create a barrier between your eyes and the screen and nullifies it’s bad rays. So glasses are the answer. This device will help you create a layer that prevents or minimizes your eyes to catch all the reflections and can filter the bad effects

Importance of gaming glasses

Here we will Talk about the importance of wearing gaming glasses 

  • If You get bad headaches due to all the screen exposure gaming glasses can help with those. 
  • Gaming glasses have anti reflection coating that can minimize all the reflection give you a comfortable vision. 
  • Blue light strains your eye pretty badly, these glasses are going to help you get blue light filters that will help with your eyes strain and sleep routine tu
  • U get UV filter that prevents your eyes outside home under sun 
  • It can give you magnification that’s going to help people who have trouble seeing up close.

Now we hope that we have convinced you about the importance of gaming glasses. Here are some great quality gaming glasses option available that you can choose from 

1. Gunnar Optiks RPG Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Optiks RPG gaming glasses

Gunnar are the best gaming glasses manufacturers that make wide range of  glasses for gaming experience on computer , laptops and tablets 


  • Anti reflective coating 
  • Scratch resistant coating 
  • Ultra Violet light blocking 
  • Blue light filters 

Gunnar have a great reputation in making frames for gaming. Their gunnarrazor RPG is one of the best glasses for gaming of laptops, computers and tablets. Gunnar RPG frame is one of it’s best feature.  It is the lightest frame possible that is made up of aluminum magnesium. It is so lightweight that you don’t feel it is on your face 

Another great feature is the adjustable nose pad that comes on the bridge of your nose. It is a very critical feature that is responsible for the fitting of the frame on your face. It provides great fitting option. 

With anti reflect coating, most of the rays coming out of your computer or tablets screen will be reflected and won’t put a strain on your eyes. Scratch-resistant coating gives the glass stability against unwanted scratches.  Ultraviolet light blocking gives you ease outside under the sun where your eyes will not be exposed to bad ultraviolet rays and you can see clearly. Blue light from your screens will be filtered by blue light filter protection with an amber lens.

Gunnar RPG offers Gunnar Focus lenses that provide you with subtle magnification that you can also get prescribed as well . 

  • Great quality
  • Little Magnification
  • Uv filter
  • Blue light filter
  • Adjustable nose pad
  • Only available in one 62mm size which is very large.
  • Magnification won’t be enough for some users

2. Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray

These are great glasses from gamma-ray as they are perfect for wearing for long-term gaming usage. They are stylish,  lightweight with the vision of your choice. 


  • Anti reflective Lens 
  • Non polarized 
  • Blue light filter 
  • UV 400 protection 

It is made up of ultra lightweight and flexible TR90 nylon frame material that provides comfort and durability for long term wear. 

With anti reflect coating , most of the rays coming out of your computer or tablets screen will be reflected and won’t put a strain on your eyes .Ultraviolet UV 400 light blocking gives you an ease outside under the sun where your eyes will not be exposed to bad ultraviolet rays and you can see clearly. Blue light from your screens will be filtered by blue light filter protection with amber lens.

They are non polarized glasses.  They reduce the glare that you face under the sun. They look very stylish and professional in wearing. You must select your normal power for mobile and tablets use while half the normal reading power for laptops and desktops. The company provides a 90 day money back guarantee if the glasses don’t work for you 

  • In expensive
  • Good for beginners
  • Light weight
  • Some quality issues

3. ANRRI blue light blocking computer game glasses 

ANRRI blue light blocking computer game glasses 

If you are a game player and like to spend long hours on your computer,  you must use ANRRI. It helps reduce the blurred vision and headaches as well 


  • Anti blue light 
  • Anti ultraviolet UV 400
  • Anti eye strain 
  • TR90 frame 

These glasses help you with lowering eye fatigue and blurred vision . You can experience better game play if you wear them for your longer computer use . They filter 90% of  the blue light that helps vision falling as well

You will experience better sleeping regime with lesser eye strain and headache if you use these glasses on regular basis for your game time on laptops . 

They are available in variety of colours and unisex frames as well . They are made up of polycarbonate material TR90 that makes them last longer and durable through out use. ANRRI is providing life time warranty and great customer support for you in choosing the right one . You can also get then prescribed as well. 

  • Long lasting
  • Light weight
  • Provides better Sleep quality
  • Blue light filter
  • No magnification available
  • Polycarbonate lens are hard to clean

4. HyperX Gaming eyewear 

HyperX Gaming eyewear 

Show out and shield your eyes from the deleterious effects of harmful artificial blue light and UV rays with stylish HyperX Gaming Eyewear. Play smart and work smart with these versatile glasses designed to reduce eye strain with crystal clear lenses made of premium, impact-resistant MR-8 material.


  • Blue light filter 
  • UV protection 
  • MR-8 lenses 

Blue-light filtering technology is integrated in the lenses with minimal colour distortion and their anti-reflective coating repels water, oil, and dust.

 HyperX Gaming Eyewear is crafted with thin, lightweight temples designed to pair comfortably with HyperX headsets. The hand-cut, colored acetate armature is more durable and will retain its vibrant color longer than painted polycarbonate frames.

 Fashionable and suitable for any social situation, you’ll be protecting your eyes while turning heads. The included hard shell case allows you to easily take your eyewear anywhere you need to be.

HyperX Gaming Eyewear features crystal clear lenses that defend your eyes against harmful blue light and eye strain, and are coated to repel water, oil, and dust 

The stylish, clear MR-8 material lenses block blue and UV light while only producing minimal color distortion.

The frame is crafted from hand-cut, coloured acetate which will hold its vibrant colour longer than painted polycarbonate, and the included hard shell case will protect your gaming glasses during transport.

  • Extremely durable and stylish
  • Ultimate protection from UV and blue light
  • Lightweight and headsets compatible
  • Extremely expensive

5. GAMEKING ULTRA Clip-on premium class Gaming Glasses

GAMEKING ULTRA Clip-on premium class Gaming Glasses

These are one of their kind clip onglasses that can be clipped on to your existing glasses as well. They provide 85% protection from blue light blocking the negative rays emitting from computer and laptops . UV protection is also added with anti reflective properties that help reduce glare and blurriness 


  • Blue light filter 
  • Ultraviolet radiation protection 
  • Anti reflective coating 

These are one of the most lightweight glasses ever 8g . They are very thin and the clip on feature helps them to clip onto any type of glasses that you are already prescribed.  Their silicon feet helps gets no scratches on the lenses . 

They block most of the harmful bluwlight wavelengths and that helps your eyes strain less and gives you better chance to avoid headaches. You can get a good nights calm sleep. They are FDA registered with the best quality lens and durability to last a life time. 

Gameking provides you a Lifetime breakage   warranty  and 30 days money back guarantee if this doesn’t suits you 

  • Great value for 3
  • Thin and lightweight
  • FDA approved
  • Clip on existing glasses
  • Lifetime breakage warranty
  • Some compatibility issue

6. Stamen blue light blocking gaming glass 

Stamen blue light blocking gaming glass 

These stamen blue light blocking gaming glasses are a class apart . They are extremely elegant and provides great features that makes them ideal as gaming wear for playing games.


  • Anti blue light coating 
  • Anti eye strain 

These glasses are great for having a gaming experience of hours and hours because with their help most kid the blue light Ray’s that are harmful get filtered and you get only good wavelength rays that are not harmful for you. 

It helps in getting lesser strain on your eyes while working or playing games or watching TV.  This way it naturally help you avoid fatigue and help you to get a good night sleep with no headaches what so ever. They are very light weight so there use for longer hours isn’t a problem at all . They are great in quality and breakage isn’t the thing you should worry about 

They are very sleek and modern in design and suits almost every face making them a very popular gaming glasses of the lot . They are unisex and one size fits all glasses . Adjustable nostpad made of silicon helps them fit the bridge of nose pretty easily. 

  • Most effective anti blue light
  • Help you lessen fatigue and sleep better
  • Light weight an durable
  • Stylish and sleek design
  • It only comes in one size doesn’t fit some people

7. J+S Vision computer and Gaming glasses

J+S Vision computer and Gaming glasses

If you sit in front of a screen all day, you want to find a pair that will be comfortable enough to wear from morning to night. These glasses from J+S are perfect for all-day wear, as they block 90 percent of harmful blue light, fit comfortably on your face, and do so stylishly. 


  • Blue light filter 
  • Eye Stress reduction 
  • Eye protection glasses 

You get to increase your productivity because these glasses don’t strain on your eyes and keep your mind focused on the work or the game you are playing 

These are excellent quality glasses and gives you life long usage as they are extremely durable and classy These glasses come in a variety of styles, so you may even want to get more than one pair, depending on where you wear them. Overall, reviewers say that these shades are perfect for any type of screen exposure and worth the price.

  • Quality is great
  • Classic design options
  • Thick lens
  • Performance enhancing glasses
  • More helpful in day time use


Glasses are something that’s extremely personal to the person and choosing the right pair can make or break your performance. If you choose wrong glasses than you will experience extreme stress and fatigue in your eyes and headache due to that . You won’t be able to work focus in anything whether it’s a game or work so to make sure you choose right glasses think about which of the above suits you best 

Our personal favourite are Gamma rays blue light blocking glasses . They are great quality glasses that provide blue light filter and UV protection also that makes them great for inside or outside use . They are great in looks and design is amazing for regular use. They are suitable for most faces and don’t cause any discomfort. They provide great value of money and help you with alot of things . We thoroughly like them but you must choose wisely before investing your money and buy the one accordingly 

Frequently Asked Questions

With so many options on the market, investing in gaming glasses may feel like a daunting task. Here are a few questions to ask before making a purchase.

Do I need prescription gaming glasses?
Having a pair of glasses with your most up-to-date prescription is one of the most important things you can do to minimize computer vision syndrome. Without an accurate prescription in place, gaming glasses will have limited utility. The good news is that some gaming glasses can be ordered with a prescription. This allows for the correction of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia. Gaming glasses features are also available in glasses that are not specifically designed for gaming. You can also order prescription blue light blocking glasses with an anti-reflection coating, UV filter, scratch-resistant coating and a lens tint of your choice through your optometrist or ophthalmologist. This route may end up costing more; however, you do have the benefit of choosing your own frame, or even using one you already have. If your eyes don’t require a prescription, that makes it easy! You can order over-the-counter gaming glasses without having that worry. If you just need a little help seeing up close, some of them are available with magnification.
How much should I spend?
Just like sunglasses, gaming glasses are available at many different price points. This is based on lens features, as well as frame style and quality. As you can see, there’s a wide variation in these attributes in the products out there. Your budget will be determined by what features are most important to you.
How important is style?
Gaming glasses are notorious for being boxy, yellow, and looking like…well, gaming glasses! There are many options on the market, ranging from large frames with bright, amber colored lenses to sleek frames that look like they rolled right off the shelf at Warby Parker. Not all gaming glasses look like gaming glasses. With all the different options available today, you’re bound to find something to suit your style!
Is there anything else I can do for computer vision syndrome?
Yes! Ergonomics play a huge role in computer vision syndrome. It’s important to have proper lighting, device positioning and posture. Anti-glare screen covers can help. Blinking and taking breaks goes a long way as well. Remember the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of device use, take a 20 second break by looking at something 20 feet away. You can set a timer to remind you. This will help to ease the blur, eyestrain, dry eye and fatigue associated with device use.