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Ethernet vs Wifi gaming: Which one is better?

Ethernet vs Wifi gaming Which one is better

If you are an online gamer then you might be thinking that if Wifi gaming is best or you should attach your pc with the Ethernet. There are many online gamers that are confused about what they should do? Many gamers approached us with the same question. This question is very important and many people … Read more

Workstation Vs Gaming Pc: Which One Is Best? – [2021]

Workstation Vs Gaming Pc Which One Is Best - [2021]

If you don’t understand the ins and outs of computer hardware, from a superficial perspective, a gaming PC vs. workstation can look quite similar. After all, one powerful processor is just as good as another, right? Well, not exactly. Because the qualities that you need for a good workstation aren’t always the same qualities you … Read more

Logitech Gaming Software VS G Hub – Which One Is Better?

Logitech Gaming Software VS G Hub - Which One Is Better

Logitech is one of the market chiefs in the field of gaming peripherals. Since gaming is about customization and tracking down an ideal choice for you, you’d discover a lot of programmable buttons on gaming mice just as custom profiles on gaming consoles. The Logitech G502 Hero, Logitech’s leader gaming mouse that has been positioned … Read more

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro – Which One Works Better?

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro – Which One Works Better

Windows 10 Pro is called so for a reason. It is a much-advanced version of the Windows 10 Home and has many additional features that Home didn’t offer. Most of the features are basically designed for business purposes while there are other features that are everyone’s needs, may it be a gamer or an ordinary … Read more

Rasterization vs Ray Tracing – Are they Different?

Rasterization vs Ray Tracing – Are they Different

Most of us are familiar with 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional graphics but have you ever imagined before that how these Graphics actually came into being? Let us tell you. It’s all due to Rasterization. Now, the question comes to your mind what Rasterization is? It is a method of displaying 3D models on a computer … Read more

Acer X34 VS Z35 – Comparison [2021]

Acer X34 VS Z35 – Comparison [2021]

Which should you choose: Acer X34 or Z35p? It’s a tough decision to make for many as they are quite similar, but they have a few different specs to keep in mind. Even though the Acer Predator X34 and Z35 displays look pretty much the same; there are some critical contrasts between them. Two of … Read more

Gtracing VS Dxracer: Which one is worth buying?

Gtracing VS Dxracer Which one is worth buying

I’m investigating two of the absolute best seats available in the market to know which one is worth buying as both of the seats have excellent qualities. I’ll be positioning the GTRacing seats close by the DXRacer range across different execution factors – from construct quality to solace, worth, and everything in the middle. Interestingly, … Read more