Which one is best: Dual Fan vs Single Fan Gpu - 2021 Guide

Which one is best: Dual Fan vs Single Fan Gpu – 2021 Guide

Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or simply someone who has a lot of heavy workloads, each of us wants better performance of the PC. If the PC or laptop is not upgraded your PC will not work that well, and you may get fed up with the computer or Laptop. It can also decrease the output and damage components of your computer.

Therefore, updating a computer is a good idea because by doing so, your computer will work faster and it will never lose its pace. Moreover, your PC’s temperature will also remain cool. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Buying additional gears for a computer will be very consuming because there’s a lot of models, variants, and types.

Dual Fan vs Single Fan Gpu

One such popular confusion is the discussion of single fan vs. dual fan GPU. They both are best in their own way, both have their pros and cons. So which one should we buy: single fan GPU vs dual fan GPU? Selecting the right fan GPU has many benefits as it can improve a computer’s performance and many more.

Well, to help you decide this, we will compare both of them so that you can know which one has the upper hand and is better than the other. In comparison, we will consider dimension, heat dissipation efficiency, noise level, functionality and design, overclocking performance, and price range.

Let’s dive into the article.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick overview of the dual fan vs single fan GPU.

Single Fan GPU Dual Fan GPU
Overclocking Performance Not that good in terms of overclocking performance. A great pick to speed up the PC without heat loss.
Functionality and Design The design of the GPU single is blower-style. Furthermore, the air flows in one direction. The design of the dual fan GPU is open-air. Moreover, the airflow speed is also low.
Dimension and Fitment It is small in size and takes less space to fit. It is large in size and takes a bit more space to fit
Sound Level It makes a loud and a bit noisy sound while working. It doesn’t make a noisy sound while working.
Heat Dissipate Performance It is not that effective at removing heat from the case.

Furthermore, it has a single fan that might not provide significant aeration for gaming and heavy use tasks.

It easily and fastly spreads the air everywhere and also it keeps the temperature cool in the case.

It has two fans that distribute air far better than a single GPU for better ventilation.

Price Range Cheaper Expensive

Dual Fan vs Single Fan Gpu

Continue reading for an in-depth comparison of the GPUs.

Dual Fan vs Single Fan GPU: Comparison

As we mentioned earlier, both GPUs have their own pros and cons. So let’s discuss the similarities and differences between the two GPUs so that you can better understand which one would be most ideal for you.

Let’s start.

Heat Dissipate Performance

The heat dissipates performance is one of the noticeable things you have to look at between these two GPUs. Mainly, heat dissipate performance depends on the cooling system of the GPU that helps to make your computer run well.

There are two types of coolers, the air and the other one is a water cooler. The air coolers basically make sure amazing entry-level heat dissipate for solving the higher heating. On the other hand, the water cooler GPU is good for heat conversion but it is not the best option.

The single fan GPU basically consists of a blower-type cooling system, which completely removes hot air from the case. On the other hand, dual-fan GPUs consist of an open refrigeration device that releases hot air back into the PC box.

In addition to these two types, the GPU performance can also depend on the number of fans that dissipate heat. A GPU cooling system is a must if you choose to build your computer to respond quickly without a heat buildup. Moreover, the GPUs with air coolers have 1, 2, or 3 fans to make sure great cooling performance.

Single Fan GPU

Let’s start with the single fan GPU, which has good heating dissipate performance with good airflow in the case. The single GPU has one fan that is fast but not effective at removing heat from the case.

It has a smaller cooling capacity so that’s why it doesn’t speed up the performance. Moreover, it only helps to transfer heat in a single way and it misses many spots to keep other parts cool. This also decreases the performance of your PC.

Dual Fan GPU

On the other hand, the dual fan GPU has 2 fans that easily spread the air everywhere and due to this, all parts are kept cool in the case. Moreover, it also has large copper heating machines and heating pipes to cool the GPU while your computer is running. Lastly, it ensures good performance and ultimately removes heat.

Furthermore, the dual-fan GPU has many amazing features which makes it good for high cooling performance.

I personally like the dual fan GPU because it maintains a much safer cooling performance than a single fan GPU.

Functionality and Design

The functionality and design are other noticeable things you have to look at between these two GPUs. The functionality and design also affect the performance of the PC, so it is best to know the functionality of both GPUs.

In addition, the functionality and design ensure that the GPU is moving hot air out of the case. Mainly, the GPU has three main forms including open, blower, and all-in-one cooler. All the above forms make sure fine airflow but in different setups.

Single Fan GPU

Typically, a single fan GPU has a blower airflow that ensures suction of hot air in the front and back. It has the ability to hold high-level high-speed air to ensure that the fans can spin the flow faster and better.

However, it can’t remove all the heat from the case because the air flows fast and in the same direction. Still, the single fan GPU is good for offering fans a fast-moving, powerful wind flow.

Dual Fan GPU

On the other hand, the dual fan GPU features an open-style ventilation system that provides better airflow but not that speedy. It is not that quick to get fans moving fast and offer a good airflow in one way. Since the dual fan GPU has 2 fans, they divide the airflow speed into two.

The dual fan GPU not only ensures that strong air is carried everywhere with low airflow but also removes hot air from the case.

Lastly, in our opinion, the single fan GPU is better because of its higher airflow.

Overclocking Performance

The overclocking performance of the GPU ensures that the PC is able to speed up or boost work without overheating. So if your computer or laptop is speedy, it’ll generate heat which requires a strong cooling system to do so.

Moreover, the excess heat will result in making your GPU live short, and also it can damage your graphics card. To get rid of the throttle snag, make sure your GPU has more power to overclock without getting heated.  Select a GPU with a high-powered fan. By doing so, your computer will remain cool and work faster as well as it will work perfectly for a long time.

The GPU’s strong overclocking performance ensures optimal speeds of up to 20% so that your computer runs heavy apps at high speed. It also ensures high core speed so that heavy software can also run smoothly without any error.

Similarly, if the performance of your GPU overclocking is quicker, there will be more chances that your graphics card will boost. This means that your computer will have a faster processor to handle players as well as actions for smooth multitasking. Moreover, it also ensures fewer interruptions and delays.

Lastly, the overclocking performance of the GPU makes sure your CPU achieves higher FPS to experience excellent video and gaming quality. This is why a better overlock performance is very necessary for a good gaming or work experience.

Single Fan GPU

Let’s talk about the Single fan GPU, it has a good capacity to ensure that your computer works well at a decent temperature.  It does not have the best speed while gaming or working. Basically, it has stock speeds that are not that powerful for higher overclocking.

Dual Fan GPU

On the other hand, the dual fan GPU works well and it enhances overclocking without overheating. Also, it has many other good features which is why the dual fan GPU is better than the single fan GPU.

Sound Level

Different GPUs have different noise levels that are based on their fans, quality, makeup, and many other aspects. The GPU has a decent level of noise which is why it is usually measured in decibels (dB).

The noise level can be small or large (dB) depending on speed and number of fans. Normally, the noise of the GPU is caused by the fan’s speed that spins with extra speed. However, the smaller fans usually spin faster than large fans, which makes them noisy.

On top of that, the smaller fans blow more air which also increases the noise of the GPU. Normally, the GPU fans deliver good airflows which make them noisy in each spin even inside the case.

Moreover, if you want a graphics card that has low airflow and low noise levels, then go for the Asus GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card.

Sound Level

Single Fan GPU

When it comes to a single fan GPU, it normally spins faster and provides better airflow, which makes it noisier than others. Besides that, it has a higher dB, which causes the fans to make noise and keep making while the PC is running.

Moreover, the fans of the single fan GPU have smaller blades that actually spin faster and spread the air wisely that makes them more noisy and higher noise dB. Not only does this create an annoying noise flow but it also keeps you away from work.

Dual Fan GPU

On the other hand, the dual GPU has two fans, and the fans’ blades are large that are made in axial style. The large blades allow it to spin slowly with bigger spins. The slow spin takes the hot air out of the case without making a noise.

Moreover, it also ensures that good motion and smooth airflow produce low noise levels to rotate the fan blades in good motion.

Lastly, if you want a GPU that makes low-level noise then go for a dual fan GPU because it is ideal for low noise levels.

Dimension and Fitness

The dimension and fitness of GPUs vary depending on their shape and type. Some GPUs are big in size and some are smaller in size. The smaller ones easily fit in the case and also leave good space. The good thing about smaller GPUs is that they can easily fit in smaller cases.

And, if your GPU is small in your case, it will make sure better-rotating power to get rid of the heat in your case. Another advantage of the small size GPU is that it allows you to add more fans or other parts to the motherboard to meet your needs.

Therefore, when you want to add GPU to your case, make sure to add a GPU that is good in size as well as fitment. However, EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 Single Fan GPU will be the best choice in this case.

A GPU that fits well in the case also provides excellent performance. Therefore, make sure the power unit and heat sink have a good room to help your GPU Watts. The single fan GPU and dual fan GPU both have different viewpoints.

Single Fan GPU

Let’s start with a single fan GPU, it is normally smaller in size and takes much less space compared to others. The single fan GPU also ensures good storage space and takes up less space to add other parts with clearance. It can easily fit well in a wide range of cases.

Dual Fan GPU

When it comes to the dual fan GPU, it has two fans causing it to be bigger in size than others. It also requires more space than others. If you want to fit the dual fan GPU, you need a large or medium-sized case to get the right fit.

This shows that a single fan GPU is easier to fit in the case than a dual fan GPU.

Price Range

The prices of the GPUs vary depending on the functionality and quality. Almost both GPUs have identical features; however, one GPU has better facilities than the other and this is why there’s a difference in the prices.

The GPU has different prices just like other computer parts; depending on your need, the prices can be high or low. Some important parts that can affect prices are ports, memory support, and some other features.

If you want a GPU with amazing features at a budget-friendly price, then go for the Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 Graphics Card.

Price Range

Single Fan GPU

Let’s start with a Single fan GPU. As we mentioned earlier, it has smaller fans, almost similar features to the dual fan GPU. The price of a single fan GPU is cheaper than other GPUs. Although it has a limited cooling capacity, it is still good.

Moreover, it does not offer any additional features but offers high quality and parts options. A single fan GPU offers some good features, including heat pipes, heat sinks, and many more. This makes it an ideal choice for everyone.

Dual Fan GPU

On the other hand, the dual fan GPU offers amazing features, quality, and additional parts at a bit higher price. Some good features that a dual fan GPU offers include RGB LED lighting, thermal pads, sensors, and some other parts which make it a bit costly.

Overall, a single fan GPU is much cheaper than a dual fan GPU. So, in our opinion, the single fan GPU is good in price as well as features.


To conclude here, the single fan GPU and dual fan GPU both are quite similar. It is a bit difficult to say which one is better than the other because both these GPUs offer some benefits as well as few drawbacks.

However, if you’re a gaming enthusiast who plays heavy games or someone who needs to stay on their computer long enough every day, then you should go with GPU having more fans so that your computer will remain cool. In this case, I’ll recommend you buy a dual fan GPU as it has two fans and will keep your computer cool even after long use.

On the other hand, if you don’t use many computers or you don’t have to do a lot of heavy work, then you should go for a single fan GPU as it is also a good option. Lastly, before buying a GPU, you should first look for the space in your computer. If your computer doesn’t have enough space, then you shouldn’t go for a dual fan GPU. In this case, go for a single fan GPU as it doesn’t take much space.

Both are good in their own way, but for me, dual fan GPU is better as it has a bit more benefits than others. In the end, it totally depends on your choice, budget, and need.

Hopefully, you have gained a broader understanding of the key similarities and differences between a dual fan GPU and a single fan GPU. If you still have any questions or are still confused, feel free to ask the question below. I’ll try my level best to solve your queries as soon as possible. If you find this guide helpful, do share it in your circle as well.


Is Dual Fan GPU better than single?
Yes, dual fan GPU is better than single because dual-fan offers better performance in many situations compared to others. Moreover, it doesn’t distract you while working which is another benefit. However, its size is slightly bigger which may be a problem for some users.
Is single fan GPU good?
A single fan GPU is also good, if you don’t run heavy games/apps, or don’t use a computer for a long time. Moreover, it takes less space in the case which can be a great benefit for some users. However, if you want to buy a single fan GPU, then go for the GTX 1060 as it is also powerful, calm, and friendly.
Is a 2 Fan GPU bad?
No, a two-fan GPU is not bad, because they don’t make that noise. They run slower which results in reducing noise. Furthermore, if you have a single fan GPU it makes a loud and noisy sound which may distract many users.
How many fans should my GPU have?
It depends, but it is good to have 2 two three fans minimum. If you are a gaming enthusiast, your computer system must have a minimum of 2 fans, otherwise, your system will not give better performance. The greater number of fans keeps the temperature cool in the case which results in the good performance of the computer. This is why make sure to select a GPU with at least two fans.