DXRacer vs Secretlab - Which one to Choose?

DXRacer vs Secretlab – Which one to Choose?

A gaming setup is incomplete without a gaming chair but most importantly these chairs have now become essential for most gamers. Gaming chairs provide you comfort for long gaming sessions where you stay in the same position for many hours. If you are using a bad chair then you are compromising on your health because chairs without comfort can cause back problems and it can also weaken your muscles.

Gaming chairs correct your posture while you are sitting straight in front of your computer for many hours. It also helps to prevent any back pain or other painful diseases. It is just like an investment for your own health and furthermore, it completes the overall look of your gaming PC.

When we talk about these gaming chairs, then DXRacer is the most prominent brand that most of us are aware of but there are now some gaming chair manufacturers who provide better chairs at more competitive prices. Secretlab is one of those manufacturers that provide you with a variety of customization options that DXRacer lacks. Both of these brands compete with each other on different series. 

At some points, DXRacer is proven to be better while many models of SecretLab are also worth mentioning. As far as affordability is concerned, SecretLab is probably ahead of the game. Before we move into the actual review, let’s first discuss the history of both these brands.

DXRacer vs SecretLab Overview


DXRacer gaming chair

DXRacer is a famous brand that was established back in 2001. They started from making sportscar and supercars seats. In 2006, they jumped into the evolving gaming industry and they started to manufacture gaming chairs that instantly boosted their sales as many gamers were already in search of such ergonomically designed chairs with a racing touch. 

The DXRacer has launched many series of chairs from their first release. Some of their most popular chairs include DXRacer Formula, King, Classic and Racing series. They also offer lifetime warranty on their chair frames, that’s why they are well-known for durability. A two years of parts warranty is also provided with their every chair.


SecretLab gaming chair

SecretLab isn’t as old as DXRacer and most people aren’t aware of it yet. SecretLab started back in 2014. Their gaming chairs gained popularity soon due to their ergonomic design and amazing build quality. 

Many people started to compare DXRacer with SecretLab chairs and this is where the competition gets even harder. SecretLab doesn’t have a wide series of gaming chairs as DXRacer but their few models provide customization options and fulfill the needs of all body types. Their famous gaming chair series includes SecretLab Titan & Omega. 

These SecretLab chairs can easily accommodate weight over 289 Lbs. This weight capacity isn’t as much as DXRacer provides with some of its series but still it’s worth the investment. The SecretLab chairs are also well-known for their affordability while DXRacer comes a little expensive. 

Before we move ahead to build quality and comfort provided by both brands, let’s first quickly have a look at the chair series provided by both manufacturers.

Gaming Chair Series

The SecretLab currently offers 4 gaming chair series while the DXRacer accommodates 10 distinct gaming chair series. These different models are made for different body types For Example, some of these models are made to accommodate tall gamers while other models are more suitable for short gamers.

DXRacer Series SecretLab Series
Formula Series THRONE Series
Racing Series OMEGA Series
King Series TITAN Series 
Valkyrie Series NAPA Series
Sentinel Series  
Tank Series  
Drifting Series  
Iron Series  
Boss Series  
Classic Series  

Each of these series are designed for specific types of users or gamers with a certain height and weight. Let’s first discuss some series provided by SecretLab.

SecretLab Series

If you are tight on budget then THRONE series will most probably suit your pocket while if you are a pro gamer looking for the best comfort, design, build and material then TITAN and NAPA series could be your best choice. NAPA leather is an expensive type of leather which is more sophisticated than other materials. You can customize the other series of SecretLab with NAPA leather but it will cost you a little high. 

The Omega series by SecretLab falls somewhere in between the THRONE and TITAN with respect to its functionalities and quality. The Omega offers better casters than THRONE while the tilt mechanisms of OMEGA are also better than its prior model Still, TITAN is better than OMEGA in all aspects but it’s a little expensive as well.

The TITAN series is most durable of all and it is specifically made to accommodate tall users. This series has the highest weight capacity than all other versions. Moreover, the lumbar support on this one is also better than previous models.

DXRacer Series

The DXRacer has a wide-range of series to choose from. There are 10 options in total and each of them is made to serve different body types. It’s likely impossible to cover all of them in this article but we will discuss some of their most highlighted models.

The Tank series provided by DXRacer is the heaviest and durable of them all. It is specifically made for taller people who are overweight as well. On the other hand, there is a racing series by DXRacer which is the exact opposite of Tank. Racing is more focused on slim people having less weight. It is also cheaper than tank and the build quality on racing is also moderate while Tank is made durable with the best materials.

DXRacer’s King vs SecretLab’s TITAN

Comparing both gaming chair brands is not a wise thing to do because some series are better than the other, that’s why we choose two bestselling models from both brands to arrange the best comparison for you.

The King series by DXRacer costs around $439 while the TITAN series comes more affordable at a price of just $399. There isn’t a significant difference between their prices as both are the same extent of chairs.

We are going to compare both of these series based on their comfort, weight capacity, build, ergonomics and extra features. So, without further ado, let’s review them:


The SecretLab has a little edge in comfort while both of these series accommodate relatively the same levels of comfort. Both of these chairs have a wide seat with proper cushioning. The backrest is also equally comfortable on both of these chairs.

The King Series by DXRacer offers a foam filling to make it’s cushioning more comfortable while the TITAN uses a cold-cure foam to provide an extra-edge comfort. The comfort levels of both these chairs are extremely good but the SecretLab’s chair is slightly better.

The velour headrest is another plus point of SecretLab’s TITAN. Unfortunately, The King series lacks at this point which makes TITAN an overall choice for comfort.

Build Quality

Both of these high-end gaming chairs haven’t compromised on build quality. Both of these chairs accommodate a strong aluminum base that makes it durable for a long span of time. The steel frames on both these chairs are also noticeable and the amazing thing is that DXRacer offers you a lifetime warranty on their frames. 

The casters are also PU coated. Furthermore, the covering on both of these gaming chairs is of PU leather. The PU leather is very easy to clean as compared to other materials. Class 4 gas lifts are also included in both series. Titan’s casters are of XL size which are pretty bigger than that of King series. However, it doesn’t create a difference. Overall, the build quality of both these chairs is considerable and good enough. 

Weight Capacity 

It is yet another important factor to consider while buying any gaming chair. If you are a hefty person then you should obviously opt for the chairs having a good weight capacity and that can accommodate your weight easily. The DXRacer King series and SecretLab TITAN series, both have good weight capacities but TITAN is ahead of the competition with a slight advantage.

The King series has a maximum weight capacity of 240lbs and the maximum height accommodation is 6’2” which is pretty good for most slim people. On the other hand, TITAN has an extended weight capacity of 290lbs and it can accommodate 6’4” maximum height. 

The TITAN is a clear winner here but we should not forget that DXRacer has other models specifically made for hefty and tall people. Their King series is specifically made for slimmer people while TITAN is best and that last series by Secretlab.


As far as ergonomics on these chairs are concerned, both of them include an adjustable lumbar support, seat height adjustments, high brackets, adjustable tilt and ergonomic design that comfortably fits your body. Both DXRacer and SecretLab have done a great job here with their ergonomics. They made these chairs by keeping all gamers in mind who sit and play for an extended period of time. Both chairs improve your body posture while providing the best comfort you can imagine. 

Extra Features

The 4D Armrests are now pretty common on all gaming chairs because they allow you to keep your wrist in the write position that you are comfortable with and it also contributes to your gaming performance. The multi-angle tilt features are also present in both King and TITAN series that allow you to set your backrest angle wherever you feel comfortable. 

Overall, both of these gaming chairs are optimized for the best comfort you can easily afford. The TITAN is a little budget-friendly while DXRacer’s King is still a better option for many slim people because it accommodates 6’2” height. 

Which one’s better?

We have just compared two of the most popular series of both DXRacer and SecretLab brand. King and TITAN series are both equally reliable and comfortable with almost the same features. However, TITAN has an extra comfort edge over DXRacer’s King series. Still, we cannot say that one is better than the other. What we can conclude is that SecretLab is more budget-friendly while DXRacer is an old brand carrying a legacy.

Now, let’s move to the general pros and cons of both brands to see which one is more reliable according to your needs and budget.

SecretLab – Pros & Cons

The SecretLab is relatively new into the markets and they have given tough competition to some established brands like DXRacer. They are competing with other gaming chair manufacturers on a feature-to-feature basis while keeping their chairs affordable enough for gamers to buy.

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Pros & Cons

  • SecretLab’s gaming chairs are more affordable than DXRacer. Their Omega series gave a direct competition to DXRacer’s Formula series and the TITAN series by SecretLab is also giving a hard-time to DXRacer’s King in both affordability and reliability fields.
  • The built-in adjustable lumbar support is another thing that many gaming chair manufacturers are missing on. A tension knob is used to adjust the Lumbar support on SecretLab chairs. The adjustable lumbar support is much better than a lumbar cushion that most gaming chairs rely on. So, it’s a big plus point for SecretLab.
  • SecretLab has a very limited series with limited color options if we compare it to DXRacer. However, customization options are available here but they are also pretty much limited.

DXRacer – Pros & Cons

DXRacer is one of the oldest racing style gaming chairs brands. They brought the idea of such gaming chairs from supercar chairs where comfort, design, and quality were the main priority. The DXRacer was a sports car chair manufacturer company before they moved to racing style gaming chairs. They have a high demand for gaming chairs today because they have built their credibility from more than a decade.

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Pros & cons

  • DXRacer offers you a range of color and design options to pick from. They have over 10 series with different designs and features that are made for various individuals according to their body type and weight.
  • DXRacer is an established gaming chair brand that most people love. They brought the concept of racing style chairs to the gaming industry and they became the pioneers of gaming chairs.
  • If we compare DXRacer with other brands such as SecretLab on a feature-to-feature basis then DXRacer proves to be expensive while its competitors are offering the same value at a better price.

Reasons to buy SecretLab

There are a number of reasons to prefer SecretLab over other established brands such as DXRacer. If you are a person who is more focused on customizations options and affordability then SecretLab might be your right choice. Here are some of the highlighted reasons to prefer it:

  • The foremost reason to consider SecretLab is because of their different fabric options. There are three fabric options available for your chair covering. The first one is PU Leather which is pretty common in most gaming chairs, second fabric is NAPA leather which is a little expensive while the third option is soft weave fabric which is very breathable but it’s also a little expensive.
  • SecretLab is also very much affordable then it’s competitor brands like DXRacer. They maintain their top-notch gaming chair quality at an affordable price.
  • You get 4D Armrests with all of their series from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. a 4D armrest is very useful to position your wrist and arm in the right position to prevent any pain.

Reasons to buy DXRacer

The biggest reason to choose DXRacer is their wide range of gaming chair series. There are over 10 series for different body types and weights. Moreover, here are some other highlighted reasons to rock DXRacer with your gaming setup.

  • DXRacer has been manufacturing quality gaming chairs for over 15 years with happy customers. So, you can blindly trust their build quality and credibility.
  • They have different gaming chair series meant for different people whether they are slim or fat. Moreover, they also provide gaming chairs for more hefty or tall people.
  • DXRacer still provides best value for money despite its competing brands who focus more on affordability.
  • The adjustable lumbar support on DXRacer gaming chairs is also a plus point and it can help you get relief from your back-pain sufferings.

Our Verdict – DXRacer vs SecretLab

Unfortunately, we can’t vaguely say that one is better than the other but to be more specific, this is our verdict.

If you are fat and tall enough then DXRacer’s gaming chair series are going to suit you. Especially if your height is around 6’4” and weight is over 300lbs.

If you want the best chair to support your back with the best adjustable lumbar support then nothing can beat SecretLab’s TITAN series which is the most comfortable of them all.

The DXRacer is a sports car seat manufacturer as well. So, if you want to enhance your experience in driving and handling games with proper equipment then DXRacer’s gaming chairs will give you that vibe in the best possible manner.

At the end, no matter which gaming chair you buy, it must support your back and make sure it’s tailored according to your height and requirements. Also look for 4D Armrests because they further improve the flexibility of your gaming chair with more options.