Ethernet vs Wifi gaming: Which one is better?

Ethernet vs Wifi gaming: Which one is better?

If you are an online gamer then you might be thinking that if Wifi gaming is best or you should attach your pc with the Ethernet. There are many online gamers that are confused about what they should do? Many gamers approached us with the same question.

This question is very important and many people are trying to answer which one is best but they can’t find the right answers on the internet so, we decided that why not compare the Ethernet gaming and the Wifi gaming and then decide which one is a better option so, let’s compare them.

Point Ethernet Wifi
Easy The Ethernet cable is a very technical thing Wifi is very easy to connect with your laptop and pc
Mobility The Ethernet cable does not give you the option of mobility Wifi gives you the option to move wherever you want in your home
Performance Performance-wise the Ethernet connection is good for gaming The wifi connection is not suitable for the long gaming sessions
Stable connections Ethernet cable is a stable connection for gaming. The wifi is not a stable connection for gaming
Physical The Ethernet is a physical connection The wifi is a wireless connection
Speed The Ethernet cables give you the fastest speed while gaming The speed of the internet is slow while gaming on the wifi
Space As the Ethernet cable is a physical connection it takes space in your home While on the other hand, the wifi is a wireless connection so, it does not take any space in your room
Suitable The Ethernet connection is suitable for people who want to do or doing high-end competitive gaming The wifi connection is for the people who are newbies or playing games just for fun.

Ethernet Gaming

Ethernet Gaming

In this method, you have to connect your pc or console through the Ethernet cable in order to get the internet connection. This might be the old way of connecting things but as compared to the wifi system it is more reliable and safe. It is also very fast.

If you are a gamer then you might know that playing online games needs a fast internet connection and if the connection is slow then it would cause lag and embarrassment in front of your team so, for avoiding this there are many people that choose Ethernet gaming. It is fast, secure, and provides you a very stable connection to the internet while gaming.

  • It gives you a high-level of security
  • It is a fast and stable connection suitable for long gaming sessions
  • It is perfect for shooting or action games
  • You can download the movies, music files very fast with an Ethernet cable connection
  • Ethernet cables look very tricky to connect with your setup
  • There would be a mess of cables in your room
  • You have to play games in one place in your home.


Wifi Gaming

Wifi Gaming

There are many modern online gamers that prefer the wifi gaming connection instead of the Ethernet connection because they don’t want any kind of a mess of cables in the room. The gamers are known to be free and they can sit to play games only but the Ethernet connection binds them at one place.

While the Wifi gives them the chance to sit wherever in their house on their couch, or bathroom they can play from anywhere with the wifi connection. If you are a newbie and playing games in short sessions then the Wifi is the best option for you because it gives you convenience as compared to the Ethernet connection.

Normally everyone has smartphones and every room in the house has a separate TV so, in this situation, we think that Wifi gaming is the best option because everyone can play games with the wifi and enjoy the fast internet.

  • Wifi connection means the freedom that you can play from wherever you want in your house
  • You don’t have to tackle with the cables
  • It is a good option for newbies and students who play just for one or two hours daily
  • This is not for the pro-gamers
  • There are lag and dropping of connection issues
  • If you are way far than the router then you might face slow internet issues




The basic difference between the Ethernet cable connection and Wifi connection is that you have to connect the Ethernet cable physically with your pc or laptop which means you can play games at that place where you can connect the Ethernet cable while on the other hand is wifi gaming.

Wifi gaming gives you the most reliable option for playing games. You can take your laptop, connect wifi with it and play games wherever you want in your home. If you are not feeling well in the living room you can sit in your garden and play games with your friends.

This is the most basic difference between these two Ethernet cable gaming and Wifi gaming.


The performance of the Ethernet and Wifi is very important because if you are a gamer then you would know that the lags and spikes are not very good for your gaming performance. When you are playing games routers need to prioritize the gaming traffic coming from the pc or laptop.

Most commonly the gamers prefer the Ethernet connection because they are reliable and stable and when you are gaming for a long session Ethernet gives you the perfect speed and non-stop gaming without any lags because when you connect the cable with the router it knows how to prioritize the gaming traffic.

While on the other hand there are many devices connected to wifi and the router can’t prioritize which one is gaming traffic and which one is other traffic so, at that time there are lag and slow internet issues that damage your gaming experience.

If we talk about all the pro gamers they tend to play the games on the Ethernet cables because they can’t afford to miss a single frame that can change the winner of the game and that kind of speed and reliability is not possible from the wifi connection.


When we talk about the connection the wifi gaming is way easier in connection because when you want to connect the wifi with your gaming laptop or pc then you just have to find your router name and connect it once and you are okay with it you don’t have to connect the wifi again and again until you are changing the password.

On the other hand, the Ethernet cable is a technical thing. You have to connect the cable with your gaming pc and console in order to play the games but there is a mess of cables that you have to handle because in this connection all the cables are physical and take space in your gaming setup.

In this comparison the Wifi connection is the winner because we don’t have to go from the physical mess of the cables for playing the game, you just need to connect the wifi wirelessly so, the wifi is an easier setup.


The length of the Ethernet cable is not very long so, when you are trying to connect it with your pc and console then you are bound at one place there is no doubt the speed and performance would be very good but you don’t have the freedom to play games anywhere in your house. This is mostly for the pro gamers who have to play competition-level games.

On the other side of the table, you can play games wherever you want in your home. You just have to connect the wifi and then you are ready to play games with it. You can play in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or wherever you want.

So, the winner of this competition is also the Wifi connection because it gives you the freedom to play games wherever you want to play.

Verdict Which one is better?

So, here we compare these two gaming methods wifi and Ethernet. One thing that we found out was that the Ethernet is faster and more reliable than the wifi while the wifi is easy to use and gives the user freedom to play from anywhere in your house.

If you are a competitive gamer who used to play games with your professional team and you have a personal space then the best option is to go with the Ethernet cable because of its high speed and good performance.

But on the other hand, if you are a newbie or a student who just plays games for fun then you need to go for the wifi connection because it’s easy and you can use it anywhere in your house.


Is WiFi as fast as Ethernet?
No, the wifi is not fast as the internet because when you are playing games the Ethernet cable prioritize your gaming traffic and gives you the power and speed you want on the other hand the wifi does not have the capability to recognize the gaming traffic that is why it does not give the power and speed for gaming that is why Wifi is not as fast as the Ethernet in gaming.
Is WiFi OK for gaming?
Yes, the Wifi is ok for gaming, not the best for gaming. It does not gives you the best speed and reliability which is needed for gaming and you might experience lags and drop of connection that is why if you want to do gaming just for fun then it is a good idea to go with wifi but if you are into competitive gaming then you should go with Ethernet.
Should I turn WiFi off when using Ethernet?
No, it is not a compulsory thing to turn off the wifi but if the wifi is turned off accidentally then it is good for gaming because there is no chance that the wifi would send traffic to another device which will increase your speed.
Does Ethernet affect WiFi?
No, the Ethernet does not affect the wifi but if there are four to five devices connected on the internet and they all are downloading while watching videos then there are many chances that overall the internet would slow down.