[Top 8] Best Gaming Chair for Short Person [Review 2020]

[Top 8] Best Gaming Chair for Short Person [Review 2020]

Gaming seats are essential for any gaming setup. These seats help you to stay comfortable for more extended periods and also prevent various health issues such as back pain.

Gaming chairs fit like a glove. They have spine contours, winged backs, and raised sides that keep your posture correct. This ergonomic design allows for optimum comfort, but not all chairs are suitable for everyone. A good gaming chair is the one that fits your body’s size and shapes perfectly.

For a short person, there are special gaming chairs that are in accordance with their height and weight. Having the right posture benefits in a gaming chair mainly depends on the correct size. If short people use an average-sized chair, they will feel immersed. The neck and back won’t be at the right support points, and the chair’s seat will be too deep for short people.

Furthermore, one of the main reasons to opt for a gaming chair is to maintain a good posture for longer periods of sitting. If your gaming chair is too large, the ergonomics will not support you well, and you might end up with various back issues.

We gathered the list of different gaming chairs and tested each of them. Apart from it, we also obtained the opinion of short people and kids. And after all this valuable information, our experts came up with these reviews of the best gaming chairs for short people. Let’s take a look:

1. Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair

Furmax Office Desk Leather Gaming Chair

To some extent, gaming chairs are updated versions of regular office chairs. And the first question that comes to our mind when buying the gaming chair is why we should buy a gaming chair instead of other seating products. The answer is straightforward. These chairs allow you to enjoy the gaming sessions fully and prevent you from various health-related issues.

Our list begins with this Furmax Office desk gaming chair. The chair comes with an elevated leather bucket and softly padded armrests, which offers a relaxed seating experience and allows you to enjoy for longer hours without getting tired.

If your top priorities are comfort and adjustability, it is the chair for you. It features Pneumatic seat-height adjustment (15.2 – 18.3) and wide sitting area measuring around 19.8 x 19.8, and the backrest is high as well. The weight capacity is impressive up to 280 lbs.

With all these features, the chair is ideal for average and short height gamers. The chair supports a correct posture when you are sitting and keeps your back aligned. Lastly, the modern design is trendy, and it features highly durable construction.

Pros & Cons

  • This gaming chair is simple to assemble.
  • The chair is fully adjustable.
  • Apart from gaming, this chair is perfect for other uses as well.
  • Not adequate support for the lower back.

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2. Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support Flip-Up Arms

Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support Flip-Up Arms

If you are searching for a top-rated and high-back gaming chair, then this BestOffice ergonomic gaming chair needs your serious consideration. By reviewing the consumer reports, we found out that users love the ergonomic design and comfort of the chair.

This BestOffice gaming chair includes a 360-degree swivel, and you can rotate it backward for a 90 to 180-degrees. According to our experts, it is a handy feature as it allows you to lean back, and you can lie down. This gaming chair features a robust tubular steel frame with a sturdy metal starbase. The armrest of the chair is comfortable; however, they are not adjustable.

The chair comes in two colors, and we found both attractive. All said and done, this can be your best choice if you want a comfortable high-back gaming chair at an affordable price.

Pros & Cons

  • The most comfortable gaming chair out there.
  • The chair is simple to assemble
  • Available in various attractive colors.
  • Allows you to lean and lie down like you are in a bed.
  • Armrests of the chair are fixed and not adjustable.

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3. Homall Gaming Racing Office High Back PU Leather

Homall Gaming Racing Office High Back PU Leather

Unlike cheap gaming chairs, which has limited seating, this Homall gaming chair features a spacious seating. Because of this extra-wide sitting area, you will get endless comfort while sitting. Additionally, this gaming chair has a multi-purpose functionality. Apart from gaming, this Homall chair is perfect to use at home, offices, school, for short naps, and as a gaming chair. Besides, the lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee enable you to buy it with confidence.

Another feature that we like the most in this Homall chair is the reclining function. It can recline between 90-180 degrees. Also, the chair’s frame is sturdy and made up of heavy-duty steel. The wheels are multi-directional; hence you can move it in any direction on the floor without any marks or scratches.

The chair includes an extra-wide seat that is further protected with padded cushions. So, you will not feel fatigued even if you sit on it for long hours.

Lastly, the chair is simple to adjust. You can set the height, remove pillows, as per your likings without any hassles.

Pros & Cons

  • The steel frame is thick and highly durable.
  • Made from premium quality materials.
  • It comes with adjustable seat-height, detachable headrest pillow, and lumbar Cushion support.
  • The fabric is not resistant to stains.

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4. Ficmax Gaming Chair Massage Ergonomic

Ficmax Gaming Chair Massage Ergonomic

Our next pick comes from Ficmax. It is a mid-budget chair that comes with several handy features, and you will not find many of these in most expensive chairs. So, let’s check out these features in detail.

First, the chair includes a USB-powered lumbar cushion, and you can use it as a massager. It might not be effective as you will get in a massage chair, but it works well. The chair also features a retractable footrest to keep you at ease.

The chair has an excellent tilt mechanism and allows you to lie completely flat anytime you want to. So, for short breaks and nap, this gaming chair is perfect.

The headrest comes with straps, and it is moveable. The chair’s cover features PU leather, which is resistant to stains and spills. Overall, the chair’s padding is plush and won’t sag with the usage.

You will also love the moveable and removable armrests of this chair. The chair features an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs. So, it is suitable for almost everyone. Lastly, the makers offer a lifetime warranty of the frame.

All in all, according to our experts, it is the best gaming chair for short persons as it offers reliable and comes with all the handy features that keep you relax.

Pros & Cons

  • The metal frame and wheelbase is sturdy and highly durable.
  • It comes with a neck pillow & USB powered lumbar pillow.
  • The armrest is removable.
  • The leather materials are resistant to dirt and stains.
  • Assembling of the chair is time-consuming.

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5. PC Gaming Chair Chair Lumbar Support for Women, Men

PC Gaming Chair Chair Lumbar Support for Women, Men

Here comes another BestOffice product on our list. This gaming chair for short people features an ergonomic design, and it is much broader than the other regular chairs. Furthermore, you can quickly adjust the height of the chair. It comes with an effective locking mechanism that keeps your back in a straight position and helps relieve the stress and pain caused due to prolonged sitting.

Moreover, this BestOffice gaming chair is approved and certified by BIFIMA. Hence you can rest assured that you are buying a certified and tested product. With the weight capacity of 250 pounds, this chair is ideal for all gamers.

The chair is simple to assemble as it comes with all the required hardware and tools. Moreover, by following the simple instructions, you can alone set it up in fifteen minutes. The instructions are included in the pack.

Lastly, for your peace of mind, manufacture offers a 90 days warranty on the purchase along with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Pros & Cons

  • The ergonomic design of the chair maintains a correct posture.
  • It helps in relieving back pain.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Impressive weight capacity of 250 pounds.
  • Foam is not dense and prone to wear and tear.

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6. SitRite Kids Desk Chair Children Height Control

SitRite Kids Desk Chair Children Height Control

The right body posture is necessary for adults as well as for kids. This SitRite Kids Chair helps in maintaining the correct sitting posture for kids.

This SitRite Kids Desk Chair for kids features an ergonomic design and a full cushion that offers optimum support for your back. The seat is thick and slideable. To be precise, you can slide it up to 1.7-inches front or back and lock it up with a reliable locking mechanism. The chair’s height is also adjustable between 16.7-inches to 19.6-inches, and it also features a 360-degree swivel.

For better support for kids, it comes with a detachable footrest that kids can use if they can’t reach the floor. The armrest offers extra support and comfort.

This SitRite Kids Chair features an attractive and unique design that your kids will surely love. Furthermore, the chair is ideal to use for gaming purposes. For short people, this is the best gaming chair. Lastly, the weight limit of the chair is up to 300 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair’s height is adjustable.
  • Wheel covers prevent scratches on the floor.
  • Ergonomically designed gaming chair for kids and short persons.
  • For adults, armrests are too low.

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7. Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Nowadays, all gaming chairs look the same as all these chairs follow the same old flared headrest and bucket seat structure. So, if you are looking for something unique, check out the Noblechairs epic gaming chair. This gaming chair uplifts the basic formula and offers a more sophisticated look. The chair is highly durable as it features real leather.

While most gaming chairs feature artificial PU leather, the Noblechairs feature premium Napa real leather that’s popular for its comfort and softness, the makers have inherited the Napa leather’s softness to the next level and made this leather material resistant to stains and light. In this way, the color of the leather will not fade even in the sunlight.

The inner side of this NobleChairs features a 0.08″ robust steel frame that guarantees excellent durability and stability. The chair’s foam padding is much thicker than the other average gaming chairs, and as a result, it is firmer and more resilient to wear and tear.

Lastly, the chair offers excellent support to your back as it features an ergonomic design and keeps your whole back in the right posture during intense gaming sessions.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with 4D armrests & excellent rocking function.
  • Height is adjustable & the backrest inclining angle is between 90 – 135°.
  • Deform-resistant cold foam.
  • The aluminum base is sturdy and durable.
  • The load capacity is 265 lbs.
  • A bit expensive than the others with the same features.

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8. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Playing games is an exciting experience, and it will become more entertaining when you have a comfortable chair. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair is a popular gaming chair, and it is the first choice of many gamers.

The first thing that you will like is the cool fabric of the chair. The fabric not only looks incredible, but it is highly comfortable even in hot conditions. This AKRacing EX gaming chair is available in four lively colors. So you have plenty of options to choose from and pick the one that matches with your interior.

This chair offers an extraordinary weight limit of up to 330 lbs. Hence it is suitable for almost everyone. The steel frame of this AKRacing chair is durable and enhances the working life of the chair. Moving this chair is simple, as it comes with 2.5 inch PU wheels that can roll smoothly on almost all surfaces.

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair also features 3D adjustable armrests, and you can move them in three different directions, including back & forth, to the sides and up & down. Overall, this is an affordable gaming chair with all the features that a gamer needs in the chair.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair comes from a reputable brand in the industry.
  • This is a comfortable and highly durable gaming chair.
  • Breathable chair fabric will keep you comfortable and cool even in the hot conditions.
  • The steel frame is sturdy.
  • 3D armrests are adjustable.
  • Not suitable for a tall person.

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This concludes our post regarding the best gaming chair for a short person. Initially, it can be a little complicated to find a suitable gaming chair when you’re a shorter person. But thanks to manufacturers and advancements in technology, the task is now a little less complicated.

Just keep in mind the golden rules when buying a gaming chair for a short person. Go for the one that is specifically made for short people and support your height and weight. Pay attention to the specs, read consumer reports and reviews as they will help you a lot.

When that is done, check out the features that you need in your gaming chair, such as reclining backrest, adjustable armrest, tilting feature, etc. Our experts carefully select all the chairs mentioned above, and these will allow you to experience the joys of modern gaming in a more comfortable way.

Do not forget to share and leave us a comment. We will love to hear from you.


Is lumber support necessary for a short person?

Many short people think whether they need lumbar support or it is not that necessary? Purchasing a chair with lumbar support is always better for your health as it keeps your lower spine in a proper position and prevents terrible back pain. Nowadays, you will find many gaming chairs for short people with lumbar support, or you can buy the one from the products mentioned above.

Can I use headrest comfortably as I am short?

Whether it’s tall or short, every person likes to use headrest when they want to take naps. For short people, the headrest is very much comfortable, and they can use it without any issues. All the gaming chairs listed above feature headrests and are suitable for the medium height and short height people.

Are these chairs difficult to set up and move around?

All the best gaming chairs for big and tall chairs come with easy-to-follow assembly manuals. However, some are easier to assemble than others. Some only have two or three parts to be coupled, while others come with numerous parts, bolts, and screws.

Can short people Use Gaming Chairs made for tall people?

Gaming chairs made for big and tall persons are typically a bit larger than standard chairs. That being said, short people will not find it comfortable and can’t utilize the lumbar/back support fully.

Is it difficult to set up gaming chairs for short persons?

Gaming chairs for short people are the same as other chairs in terms of assembling. Setting up these chairs is simple. By following the user manual, you can set them up in no time and without any special tools. Most gaming chairs for short people come with Allen keys. Overall, assembling these chairs is simple and just a matter of minutes.

What to do if I purchased a chair that is not right for my body size?

If the chair you bought is not suitable for your particular needs, then check out the return policies of the company as most companies have returns policies. By opting for the refund policy, you can get a full refund. So, always check the refund policy before buying the gaming chair.