[Top 5] Best Gaming chair for tall person Reviewed in [2021]

[Top 5] Best Gaming chair for tall person Reviewed in [2021]

While gaming and e-sports have continued to rise in popularity, so has the need for the right equipment. The evolution of monitors, computers, keyboards, and chairs has rapidly increased over the past few years. However, for taller people, finding the right equipment is not always the easiest.

Most computer gaming equipment and accessories are typically designed for someone with a smaller or average-sized, frame. When selecting a gaming chair, the user should look for one that is not only durable but also comfortable for your size no matter the length of time you sit on it.

Finding a proper fitting chair is important for anyone that sits for long periods of time, but even more important for anyone that is an avid gamer.

Sitting for long periods of time can have health risks, but with a proper chair, hopefully, some of those risks can be avoided. Therefore, finding a chair that is specifically designed for gaming can be one of the most intelligent and appreciated investments any gamer can make.

When considering a chair, certainly the type of game and the level of competition that is being played should be considered. There are many types of chairs for gaming such as a PC gaming chair, rocker gaming chair, pedestal gaming chair, racing gaming chair, or even a bean bag gaming chair.

Generally, the term gaming chair is associated with the PC chair varieties and will be the focus of our conversation.

Our goal is to highlight some of the best chairs for gaming that can be utilized by tall people so that they can partake comfortably. When considering a tall person, not only should the backrest and height of the headrest be considered, but so should the seat portion.

A narrow seat portion can be uncomfortable for tall people as their thighs will be squeezed into the seat. Many chairs claim to be “big and tall” but cannot really accommodate who they are marketing to. A ‘typical’ gaming chair is going to have dimensions that have a backrest height of around 30 inches and a seat width of around 19 inches.

1.  AKRacing master series Max gaming chair

AKRacing master series Max gaming chairSpecifications

  • Weight capacity 400 lbs
  • Seat dimension 4” W × 20.4” L
  • Backrest height 34”
  • Weight 57lbs
  • Warranty 5 years

Gamers who spend hours in front of their favourite console will appreciate a gaming chair like the AKRacing Masters Series. Bigger and bigger boys will especially like this model because of the durable steel frame (which makes them safe when seated) and the adjustable backrest, allowing you to do a plethora of things when sitting in your favourite gaming chair.

There is also a class-4 gas lift that is durable and reliable – and a robust 5-star base that keeps you informed at all times. The actual seats are designed with a high-density mould that will not disappear after long hours of gaming.

There are also 4D (four-way) armrests, which allow you to move them in, out, up or down – or at an angle of your choice. However, one of the most significant advantages of this chair is that it is larger than many others on the market – making it suitable for bigger and bigger boys, as well as those who prefer more room to move.

With a weight capacity of 400 pounds, it’s a chair worthy of a place on this list. The only thing that bothers me is the four AKRacing logos on display, which I think are just a bit too much of the business. Overall, this is one of the best gaming chairs for tall people.

The materials used to make this incredible chair are top-notch, with an all-steel frame, dense cold-cured foam, anti-corrosion paint, class-4 gas lift, and an Advanced High Tensile Strength Moulded Aluminium Base. The chair can withstand up to 330lbs, making it one of the strongest gaming chairs.

Its 4D adjustable armrests can be moved up and down, back and forth, rotated side to side and slide in and out. The ergonomics on this chair are superb, and pretty much everybody size will feel like this reclining gaming chair was designed for them.

  • Perhaps the ultimate gaming chair
  • Strong, sturdy, and durable
  • 5-year warranty for the chair, 10 years for the frame
  • Pretty much everything
  • You can easily find cheaper similar chairs. This one is pricy


2.  Anda seat Kaiser 2 gaming chair

Anda seat Kaiser 2 gaming chairSpecifications

  • Weight capacity 440 lbs
  • Seat dimension 18” W × 20” L
  • Backrest height 34”
  • Weight 73lbs
  • Warranty lifetime

The Kaiser 2 from Anda Seat is a big, comfortable chair with a ton of great features. It’s well-padded but supportive, it’s sturdy and well-built, and you can sit in it for long periods without discomfort. If you’re on the XL side of life, this chair is no doubt a great option.

Anda Seat claims it can hold more than 1,300 pounds (600kg) under a dynamic load. With everything put together, it’s recommended the seat not surpass about 440 pounds of weight (200kg). The chair is built on a frame of sturdy steel tubes. That framework undoubtedly contributes greatly to the overall solid feeling you get when sitting and reclining in this chair. It’s all well balanced, and at no time did I feel like I was going to keel over backwards.

There are about two feet (56 cm) of height from floor to seat when the chair’s piston is fully extended. For me, measuring 6’3″, that’s more than high enough to not feel like my knees were heading toward my chest.

In fact, I found that adding some sort of footrest to the mix (even just a box that raises my feet about five inches) took a lot of pressure off the backs of my legs. The piston compresses a few inches for shorter folks, but I’d wager a footrest will come in handy no matter what. It’s a tall chair, and Anda Seat recommends it for people between 5’6″ and 6’8″.

The Kaiser 2’s thick padding is pleasantly yielding without sacrificing proper support. Anda Seat has gone with thick PVC leather (a nice way of saying vinyl) mixed with carbon fibre for the majority of the chair’s covering. It has a leather grain finish on the front-facing portions and seems to be quite resilient, though I’ve only been using the chair for about a month.

Stitching is top-notch, without signs of fray or loose ends anywhere. The back of the chair has a carbon fibre exterior that offsets the maroon PVC leather quite nicely. If you want to keep things understated, you can skip maroon and go all black.

The Kaiser 2 an impressive size. At first glance, it seems like the wings that jut out from the backrest will interfere with a comfortable seat. However, the use of memory foam over high-density foam means the chair does a great job of conforming to you while still offering a ton of support.

Included are two pillows for lumbar and head support, each also made up of memory foam and covered in the same PVC leather and fibre blend. They attach to the chair using elastic straps; this keeps them in place and allows them to be adjusted for height. Whether you’re taller or shorter, you should be able to get the pillows into the right spots.

Documentation for the Kaiser 2 seems to show a bowtie neck pillow, though the one I received is different and looks more like some sort of life preserver. It’s much larger, and it does a fantastic job of keeping my head at a natural angle, whether sitting upright or reclined.

A handle on the right side of the chair allows for a recline up to 160 degrees, enough so that you feel like you’re nearly lying flat. Situations rarely arise for this deep a recline in a standard office, but it’s nice to have. Thanks to the wide wheelbase and balanced frame, the chair is sturdy. You can lock the seat in place, but you can also go into a free mode that lets everything recline at once. There are plenty of locking spots along the recline path, so no worries about getting the perfect angle for your workflow.

As far as a warranty to back up your purchase, the Kaiser 2 comes with a lifetime warranty on the chair’s steel frame. You also get two years of coverage for functional parts, including armrests, recliner hardware, casters, and hydraulics. As for the chair’s aesthetics, if you happen to rip or cut the vinyl covering, you’re out of luck.

  • Comfortable seating for long periods of time
  • Plenty of available adjustments
  • Sturdy, high-quality build
  • Lumbar and head pillows included
  • Decent warranty coverage
  • Armrests rattle around when typing
  • Expensive
  • No adjustable/built-in lumbar support


3.  FANTASY LAB big and tall

FANTASY LAB big and tallSpecifications

  • Weight Capacity: 400lb
  • Overall Dimensions: 25.6X28.3X51.2-53.5in
  • Weight: 61.9lb

FANTASYLAB is a subsidiary of KILLABEE; it is their premium line of chairs in which Killabee uses more expensive and higher quality raw materials for durable, comfortable premium chairs with an executive touch.

The FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 440lb Gaming Chair is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum sitting pleasure for extended gaming sessions. The chair comes with an adjustable headrest pillow and a lumbar support cushion. As a little bonus, this one has a massage function build into the lumbar cushion.

The extra-thick upholstery made from high-density memory foam provides well-padded sitting and should last for many years. A reclaimable backrest down to 155 degrees provides an opportunity for rest during work or gaming breaks.

FANTASYLAB has built this chair using a sturdy steel frame which is rated to support heavy users up to a weight of 440lb. The chair’s base is of strong metal rather than being made out of nylon as often found in budget china chairs.

And not only the construction is robust, but the seat dimensions of the chair are also aimed at big guys. With 24.8 inches the chair has a super-wide backrest and the seating area with a width of almost 22 inches and a depth of 20.5 inches is not small either.

Gaming is comfortable with this Fantasylab Gaming Chair for big and tall people. The memory foam padding on the seat and the rocking wide armrests offer generous support.

Detachable padding on the headrest and lumbar region keeps your spine and neck in the right position. The seat cushions of this chair have four USB cooling fans that keep you comfortable on hot days.

There is little to complain about this FANTASYLAB Big and Tall 440lb chair. For a very affordable and fair price, you get a really solid good piece of sitting furniture that has all the features you could wish for.

The chair is not only super nice to sit on but also stands out with its luxurious, stylish design.  A small bonus is the built-in massage function. It comes with a limited warranty of only one year.

  • Equipped with Smith rolling casters
  • Explosion-proof gas string
  • Decent Build Quality
  • Comfortable for Big Guys
  • Support Maximum weight of 440lb
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3D Armrests
  • Affordable
  • Only one year warranty
  • Paddling may not be durable


4.  KILLABEE Big and tall 350 lb massage gaming chair

KILLABEE Big and tall 350 lb massage gaming chairSpecifications

  • Weight Capacity: 350lb
  • Overall Dimensions: 27.6×22.4×49.6in
  • Weight: 56.9lb

killabee Big and Tall 350lb Memory Foam Gaming Chair is listed as an Amazon’s Choice. The well-designed chair is not only very attractive to look at, but it is also comfy to sit in as well.

The manufacturer has upholstered the chair with a cold cured foam padding that is covered with high-quality PU faux Leather available in different colours. The chair also comes with lumbar support and a head cushion.

It is a comfortable gaming chair with adjustable arms, a 360° swivel feature, and a retractable footrest. Made of artificial leather, the strong gaming chair comes with an extra high backrest to support the neck and spine. It has memory foam padding on the seat and lumbar cushioning that ensure a relaxing experience. The explosion-proof gas spring and strong metal base make it a reliable computer gaming chair.

As most racing-style gaming chairs for big guys, its ergonomic design ensures stress-free gaming sessions. A heavy-duty metal base and a tough steel frame can handle up to 350lb weight and should last way beyond the 1-year warranty which the company gives on parts.

The backrest has 4 tilt modes, a work mode which is 90 degrees, a reading mode which is 120 degrees, a watching movie mode which is 140 degrees, and a rest mode at 155 degrees. The armrests are also adjustable, you can adjust them in 3 dimensions, up and down, forth and back and right and left.

The dimensions of the chair provide ample space. The backrest has a height of 33.5 inches and the seat has a width of 21.7 inches and depth of 20.5 inches. The overall height of the chair is 51.1 inches to 53.5 inches.

  • Comfortable Ergonomic design
  • Steel frame which can support up to 350lb weight
  • Ideal for Big & tall guys
  • Great Value for Money
  • Adjustable massage lumbar cushion
  • Extra-high backrest for better back support
  • Fade-resistant and easy-to-clean leather
  • Smooth-rolling casters offer stability
  • Recline locking system
  • Adjustable 2D arm
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Winged” Backrest maybe uncomfortable for wide occupants


5.  Homall Gaming recliner chair

Homall Gaming recliner chairSpecifications

  • Weight capacity 300lbs
  • Dimensions 34” L×25.1W×41.5H
  • Product weight 63 lbs

While the overwhelming majority of gaming chairs feature a swivel base, this Homall Gaming Recliner Chair does not have it at all. Despite lacking that manoeuvrability, this push-back recliner chair is incredibly comfortable for bigger and taller gamers, as evidenced by its 265-pound weight capacity and seat height of nearly 18 inches. There’s lots of space because it stretches out to 25.5 inches wide and provides a larger comfort zone.

In this lounge chair for gaming, you can stretch and relax the way you like it. Furthermore, it allows you to find ultimate comfort with the lie-flat position. Next, it comes in a variety of dual colours, with black being the one constant in all the colour schemes. It’s made of polyurethane leather, which is smooth and skin-friendly while also being easier to clean than fabric materials. Additionally, the lumbar support pillow has a massage function.

Despite its unconventional style, the overwhelming majority of people who own this model were very happy with it. As for the drawbacks, some people said that it felt a bit stiffer when compared to traditional gaming chairs with swivel bases.

  • Wide seat area
  • Allows you to lie flat
  • Lumbar support pillow with massage
  • Smooth PU leather
  • Can be too bulky to move around
  • The chair may feel too stiff


Here are some benefits associated with gaming chairs for tall people.

  • Offers ergonomic support by promoting effective posture
  • Allows movement while sitting to avoid the risk associated with sedentary habits
  • Enables small movements to keep the muscles active, thereby stimulating blood circulation and strengthening the muscles
  • Reduces pain in lower back and tension in shoulders and neck
  • Prevents slouching of the back

There are loads of things to think about when deciding on a gaming chair — or any chair for that matter. Here’s a quick guide on some important things to consider when choosing your next gaming chair.

Chair Style

The first thing you want to decide on is what kind of chair you’d like. Gaming chairs come in a few different forms, so the choice is down to you.

PC gaming

These are probably the chairs you think of when someone says gaming chair. They can range from your basic high back to gaming desk chairs on steroids.

These make a great choice for PC gamers who also want a chair to double as an office chair.

And with many boasting advanced ergonomics, reclining backrests, extendable footstools and comfortable head pillows, they are just as suited for kicking back with a console controller.

Console gaming chairs

Also called pedestal chairs, these chairs often rock and are directly on the floor or with a short stand.

Generally, they will come with speakers incorporated into the headrest, a vibration function, and plenty of connectors for headphones, consoles, and other console chairs.

Racing simulation chairs

Although PC chairs are often described as ‘racing chairs,’ that’s because they are designed from actual chairs you’d find in race cars.

These racing simulation chairs are different beasts, however. These are designed to give the user a racing or flight experience by replicating a cockpit and allow you to attach your wheels, pedals, and gear stick.

Bean bag

Perhaps not the most ergonomic seat but a popular choice among gamers as it gives you the opportunity to sit in (almost) any position you wish.

Chill out with friends for a casual gaming session, or curl up with a good book. Bean bags are versatile, comfortable, and stylish.


Once you’ve chosen your preferred style of chair, it’s time to look into the specifics.


Probably the number one reason why you’d decide to get a gaming computer chair.

Ergonomics are a set of principles a chair has that ensure the user maintains proper posture and has supported the movement. All while being able to react quickly.

An ergonomic chair will be adjustable — at the very least, back angle, height, and armrests. It will have lumbar support and plenty of back and neck support. And all of these should be lockable, allowing for different postures.


Generally, you get what you pay for when it comes to building. Some things to look out for are:

Steel frames over wood or plastic.

An aluminum (or nylon) five-pointed wheelbase.

Wide casters. Over 3” is great and under 2” is worth being wary of.

Mold shaping, memory foam, or cold foam will last the longest.


Most chairs are made from PU leather, which is a perfectly acceptable alternative to expensive leather.

PC gaming chairs come with varying amounts of mesh, if overheating is a problem then the more mesh the better. And there are plenty of good computer chairs with quality cloth upholstery if that suits you more than leather.


Almost all PC gaming chairs will come with armrests, and this is important for PC gamers. You’ll want adjustable armrests that support your elbows while at a right angle, leaving your shoulders relaxed. There are even armrests where the width can be adjusted for those who want a bit more breathing space.

Height and weight capacity

This is something to pay attention to, especially if you’re bigger or smaller than average. Gaming chairs come with height and weight capacities. Heavy-duty chairs will usually come marketed as ‘big and tall.’

When buying online, this is something to make a note of. You don’t want to be bursting out of your chair, nor do you want your legs dangling over the side.


Console chairs often come with connection options. USB ports to charge controllers, surround sound in the headrest, and various rocking and rumble features — to name a few. Make sure the chair is compatible with whatever hardware you expect to use with it.


Beyond knowing the capacity of a chair, you may want to take note of the dimensions. You’ll want to check it will fit under your desk. If you buy a mat to protect your new wood floors, you want to make sure that the wheels of the chair won’t slip over the edge.


I have been gaming since I can remember, and I’ve sat in more chairs than I can remember. As any gamer knows, you rarely sit and play for a few minutes. When you’re in a game session, you’ll be in your chair for at least a few hours, and with many gamers using the same chair for work and gaming, you could be sat in a particular chair for a whole day. So, when it comes to the perfect seat, there’s a lot to consider.

There is no ‘best’ chair for everyone. People are of different sizes and shapes, and they have different preferences and play styles. So, I wanted to create a list with a range of chairs for various needs. Each one is either personally tested by me, recommended by a gamer, or someone who spends long hours in one chair, or they have been meticulously researched online through gaming chair reviews and given my seal of approval.

I know what makes a good chair and you can rest assured that every chair on this list meets the requirements of a ‘top class’ chair. The rest is down to your personal preference.

Hopefully, this has made for a list that includes the perfect chair for anyone’s posterior.

Specifications Weight capacity Seat dimension Seat weight
AKRacing master series Max 400lbs 23.4” W× 20.4” L 57lbs
And a seat kaiser 2 440lbs 18” W×20″ L 73lbs
Fantasy lab big 400lbs 25.6”×28.3”×51.2-53.5” 61.9lbs
KILLABEE big 350 lbs 27.6”×22.4”×49.6” 56.9lbs
Hoomal 300lbs 34” L×25.1” W×41.5” H 63 lbs


We have given you the most detailed analysis to choose the best gaming chair for a person who’s taller than average people.

You can now make a sound choice with our help.

There are loads of factors that go into choosing a gaming chair, and it is difficult to say which is the best. Comfort is subjective after all. My general recommendation would be the AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair. This chair has pretty much everything going for it, however, the price tag shows that. You should check out our full list and buyers guide for a clearer picture of what options are out there.

Happy shopping


Are gaming chairs difficult to set up and move?
A.Most gaming chairs come with instructions for assembly. Some chairs are easy and quick to assemble, while some come with more parts or screws that take time to assemble. Most chairs are lightweight, but some bulky ones can be difficult to move often.
How long should I stay seated on a big and tall gaming chair?
A.Though gaming chairs for big and tall people are designed to provide extra support and comfort, it is better to get up from the chair and stretch yourself every one or two hours.
Is there a more optimal sitting position for chairs with big and tall frames?
A.Chairs for big and tall people come with various adjustment features to support the back across different sitting positions. Therefore, sitting for long on ergonomically designed chairs will not cause you any trouble. Gaming chairs are designed to accommodate tall people who enjoy playing video games for long hours. We hope this list and the buying guide will help you buy the best gaming chair for big and tall gamers
What is the most comfortable gaming chair?
A: Again, comfort is subjective. You could go for a bean bag style that favors comfort over ergonomics. Or perhaps a La-Z-Boy with its memory foam cushions. Or maybe firmer high back office chairs are the best video game chairs for you. Basically, this is down to personal preference.
Are gaming chairs worth it?
A: If you spend a decent amount of time in a chair, it is probably worth it. All chairs have a certain level of ergonomics and that is essential for keeping good posture and protecting your spine, wrists, neck, and pretty much every bone and muscle.
What chairs do pro gamers use?
A: A wide range of brands and models. There are too many pros to list all their chairs, but what I can tell you is that they all will have spent the time to research and test a bunch of chairs before making the right choice for them. They most likely didn’t copy the best gaming chairs of other pros.