[Top 9] Best Gaming Chair Under $300 (Review 2020)

[Top 9] Best Gaming Chair Under $300 (Review 2020)

Playing video games is exciting, but using a normal office desk chair for gaming purposes can result in aching and sores quickly. That’s why professional gamers get themselves a specialized gaming chair that offers much-needed support during those intense and lengthy gaming sessions.

Regardless of your level of the game, it is essential to buy the best gaming chair. It’s vital for your health and will impact your gaming performance. Moreover, having a gaming chair that is adjustable, comfortable, and durable ensures that you will have the best and most comfortable experience. These gaming chairs are super comfortable and are made with high-quality materials.

Therefore in this read, we have compiled comprehensive reviews of the best gaming chairs under $300 that you can buy.

1. RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming

RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Chair

At the number one spot, we have the Respawn 900 Recliner. Yes, this gaming chair is more of a recliner than a normal gaming chair.

The recliner’s back is super comfortable and features dense padding and a headrest pillow that you can remove any time. The reclining function is smooth and goes up to 135 degrees. The chair is well-made and features a thick and solid base. However, due to this, moving it is a bit tough.

The highlight of this gaming recliner is the convenience and comfort that it offers to you. With this chair, you will get a handy cup-holder located at the left armrest and a removable pouch that you can use for many purposes. The leg rest is also there, which offers convenience, and it is quite simple to use. Overall, the chair offers excellent value for your money.

Pros & Cons

  • An extremely comfortable chair for gaming and other uses.
  • The rigid base offers excellent stability.
  • It includes a handy cup holder and a storage pouch.
  • Plush leg rest.
  • Spacious seat measures around 51.18” x 30.71” x 44.88.”
  • Stitching could have been better.

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2. Alistar Gaming Chair

Alistar Gaming Chair

Next comes the gaming chair by Alistar on our list. It’s a versatile seat specifically designed for gamers who spend most of their time sitting in a constant position. The chair is spacious and offers reliable support to your back, joints, and limbs.

Furthermore, Alistar’s gaming chair features adjustable armrests, a retractable footrest, a detachable lumbar support pillow, and a cushion at the headrest area. All of these accessories keep you comfortable and allow you to focus on the task.

The Alistar’s gaming chair works flawlessly and looks amazing as well. Moreover, it is available in multiple colors giving you a variety of choices.

It also features a breathable and PU leather that is resistant to scratches and stains. The material is of high-quality and will last for years.

As for the base, the Alistar’s gaming chair comes with a stainless steel frame and durable rolling caster wheels for easy portability. Wheels are made from high-quality plastic and are highly durable.

Alistar’s gaming chair is an ideal choice for all gamers. It comes loaded with several handy features that will make your gaming sessions more enjoyable and comfortable.

Pros & Cons

  • Comfortable and breathable leather material. Suitable in hot conditions.
  • For optimum comfort, it features removable armrests, headrest, and retractable footrest.
  • Durable construction, built to last for years.
  • Available in several colors.
  • Assembling of the chair is tough.

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3. Nokaxus Video Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

Nokaxus Video Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers

The Nokaxus video gaming chair features a simple design, but it includes all the features of a modern gaming chair. In this way, we can say the chair is made in unconventional style but looks awesome.

This gaming chair by Nokaxus features adjustable armrests that are made of high-quality plastic. These are simple to use and smaller in size that gives you some additional arm space.

Furthermore, you will also find the headrest pillow with this gaming chair model. However, we noticed that it is smaller than the others but is fully adjustable and removable.

Now, the thing you will admire the most in this chair is that the chair is entirely flat. Most of you will feel that it might be less comfortable, but it’s not the truth. The fact is, due to this flatness, the seat becomes more ergonomic, and it encourages a healthier body posture.

Another thing that we liked the most in this chair is that it comes with two Bluetooth speakers. On the other hand, it also features a massager function that is handy for your back and limbs.

Overall, the Nokaxus Video gaming chair offers superb comfort, supports proper posture, and includes a highly durable construction.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair comes with a built-in massager and Bluetooth speakers.
  • It also features an adjustable armrest, footrest, headrest, and lumbar support.
  • It features breathable PU leather material.
  • The base is sturdy.
  • According to some users, it is a bit expensive.

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4. AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair PU Leather High Back

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair

Here comes the leading gaming chair brand AutoFull. This gaming chair by AutoFull features innovative design and attractive looks, and it comes in quite cool and vibrant colors.

As for the working, the chair features spider design back, which is exclusive, a diamond cutting base, and a super comfortable headrest. The chair features an ergonomic style that supports your back and fits your natural spine curves flawlessly. As for the fabric, it features soft and breathable mesh fabrics. Hence it is suitable to use in hot and humid conditions.

This gaming chair is designed to offer a comfortable gaming experience, and you will not feel any kind of fatigue and back pain. Lastly, the chair also comes with removable lumbar cushion support.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and sturdy construction.
  • It comes with an adjustable recliner and tilt-lock mechanism.
  • The chair’s height is fully adjustable.
  • The seat is not spacious.

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5. VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming Chair

VON RACER Memory Foam Gaming Chair

Tall and heavy gamers often have problems finding a suitable gaming chair because most gaming chairs have low weight limits, and the headrests in these chairs are on the lower side that doesn’t fit that well.

Being said that, VON RACER’s memory foam chair is what heavy and tall gamers need. The chair is specially designed for tall people, and it’s the most adjustable chairs that you will find in the market.

The chair’s seat is spacious and includes high-quality memory foam, and once you get used to it, you will find it the most comfortable chair to sit. Furthermore, the pillow that offers lumbar support also features memory foam, and you can remove it as well

The chair’s backrest is soft and well-padded. Moreover, the backrest of this chair is much thicker than the others. And if that’s not enough, you can recline it up to 155 degrees.

The armrest of the chair come wrapped in PU leather, and we found them quite comfortable. Lastly, if you are looking for a gaming chair under $300 for tall gamers, this is your wisest bet.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair is specially designed for tall gamers.
  • Memory foam in the chair’s seat and lumbar support offers optimum comfort.
  • The chair features reclining backrest up to 155 degrees and is much dense than the others.
  • Whooping weight capacity of up to 400lbs.
  • Customer service needs improvement.

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6. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair

NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair

Next comes the gaming chair by Nouhaus. This gaming chair features Ergo3D Ergonomic design, and you can use it as an office chair and as a gaming chair. This gaming chair comes loaded with many top-tier features and leaves the other models in the dust.

First of all, the thing that makes it unique from the others is the material used in the making of the chair. This Nouhaus gaming chair features gorgeous ElastoMesh material, which offers excellent breathability and superb comfort.

Furthermore, it features 3D armrests, and they are fully adjustable. To be precise, you can move these armrests in three different directions, upward, downward, or let them remain in their original position.

The base of this Nouhaus Ergo3D gaming chair features sturdy stainless steel construction and comes with five roller blade wheels made of silicone. The rolling wheels are durable and will not scratch the floor. Moreover, these wheels provide silent working.

Lastly, the built-in lumbar and headrest are quite comfortable and made up of premium ElastoMesh material. You will also find a 135-degree reclining function in this chair.
All in all, it is an attractive, highly breathable, and comfortable chair for all gamers.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair features highly breathable fabric.
  • Light-weight gaming chair and simple to move around.
  • You can move the armrests in three different directions.
  • The comfort of lumbar and headrest is excellent.
  • The ElastoMesh material used in this chair might feel odd to some users as it is different from traditional materials.

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7. Musso Contoured Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

Musso Contoured Gaming Chair with Lumbar Support

According to experts, one thing that every gaming chair lacks is the surface that holds your side. The backrests are usually highly comfortable, but when a bit moved to the sides, all comfort seems to fade.

Well, that’s the thing where Musso Contoured gaming chairs take the upper hand. This racing gaming chair is under $300 and features as much padding on the shoulders and both sides as it features on the backrest and sitting area.

Apart from it, the heavy-duty metal construction features high-quality memory foam pads, which are the most comfortable available in recent times. They fit and shape as per your body’s shape and remain in their original shape even after years of use. This results in optimum comfort in any condition.

Furthermore, the chair’s armrests are quite comfortable as well, and you can remove and adjust them whenever you wan

Last but not least, the chair looks awesome in the black color, and by all means, it is one of the best gaming chairs you can get under $300.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair features dense, cushiony support on both sides and shoulder area.
  • It includes high-quality memory foam for better comfort.
  • PU leather covering is skin-friendly and durable.
  • It also includes a 90 to 180-degree reclining function.
  • The weight limit is up to 300 pounds.
  • It doesn’t come with the required assembling hardware.

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8. AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back

AutoFull Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back

Ergonomic design and a robust structure, this AutoFull Gaming Chair can meet all your needs. The gaming chair comes at an affordable price, and it is available in two different stylish designs.

To make your gaming sessions comfortable than ever, this AutoFull Gaming Chair features several useful features. One of the many features is the reclining seat that you can swivel up to 90 degrees. You can also tilt it backwards up to 170-degrees. The tilt and lock mechanism is smooth and enables you to lock it up in your preferred position. In this way, you will not have to change your position every so often.

The casters of the chair feature soft polyurethane material, and they roll smoothly on almost all surfaces. You can move the wheels in many ways, and they come coupled with a 360-degree swivel function.

Like other gaming chairs listed in this list, this AutoFull Gaming Chair also features adjustable and removable armrests. This gaming chair features breathable mesh material so that you can use it in hot conditions. Lastly, it comes with comfortable pillows for better support.

Pros & Cons

  • Impressive weight capacity of 330lbs.
  • It comes with a reclining option.
  • The chair also features adjustable and removable armrests.
  • Mesh material is highly breathable.
  • A bit expensive than the other chairs in the same category.

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9. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair with Light

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair with Light

Our last pick is a gaming chair from Goplus that can be an ideal part of your gaming setup or workspace. The chair includes a sturdy metal frame that offers excellent stability and durability. The high-density sponge is further protected with premium PU leather and is resistant to wear and tear. Moreover, the leather is skin-friendly.

You can quickly adjust the backrest’s angle between 90-155 degrees. Additionally, the chair comes with adjustable armrests. Moreover, you can also rotate them up to 60 degrees to the left or right side for better comfort.

The seat height is also adjustable within 18.5″ to 22.5″. So it will meet all your gaming needs. The removable headrest and electric massage lumbar pillow are useful and reduce the stress from your neck area.

The weight capacity is also impressive up to 330 lbs. Lastly, the edges of the backrest come decorated with lively flashing lights, and you can change the colors.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with beautiful flashlights on the edges.
  • The base of the chair is sturdy.
  • Reclining features is impressive.
  • Excellent weight capacity of 330 pounds.
  • It comes with a tilt-able backrest.
  • Assembling instructions are complicated.

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Can I remove the armrests of my gaming chairs?

The armrests of almost all the gaming chairs can be removed easily without bargaining on the chair`s support. If you remove the armrest, they will not affect your comfort. But, be cautious when removing the armrest of your gaming chair.

How long it takes to assemble a gaming chair?

There is no particular time for assembling a gaming chair. It depends on the model and make of the chair as well as on your expertise. Generally, you can quickly assemble a gaming chair in 15 to 20 minutes. Nowadays, most gaming chairs come pre-assembled, and they are simple to set up. Moreover, most of these chairs come with all the hardware that you will need for assembling.  

What is the max weight capacity of a gaming chair?

The weight capacity of a gaming chair differs from brand to brand. You will find different weight capacities such as 250 pounds, 300 pounds, or even 400 pounds. So, when buying a gaming chair, the weight limit of a chair is a vital consideration, and one should know precisely how much weight capacity is needed.

I have a back pain problem, can I use a gaming chair?

Yes absolutely. You can go for a chair with an ergonomic design. Such chairs encourage healthy posture and keep your spine aligned. Furthermore, chairs designed for gaming purposes come with soft padding, adjustable seats, and adjustable back settings. And you can buy the one as per your health conditions.

Can I clean my new gaming chair with a wet cloth?

Yes, you can clean your new gaming chair with a wet wipe. Mostly, gaming chairs feature PU leather, Faux Leather, or other materials that are water-proof. Just ensure that your chair’s fabric is water-proof and then clean it with a wet and soft fabric. If the fabric is not resistant to water, use a dry fabric of paper tissue to clean the chair.


So, thins brings us to the end of this list regarding the best gaming chair under $300. The above-mentioned gaming chairs are the best in the market in terms of comfort and performance. All these chairs will enhance your gaming and will keep you relaxed in intense gaming sessions.

The most essential and sometimes most challenging task after purchasing a gaming chair is the assembling process. Assembling these gaming chairs is simple as all these chairs come with instructions and all the hardware that you will need for installation.

That’s all from our end. Thanks for your time! Have a Great Day….