Gaming Chair VS Office Chair - Which is Best? [2020 Comparison]

Gaming Chair VS Office Chair – Which is Best? [2020 Comparison]

Gaming chair or office chair? Stuck in selecting the best for yourself? The choice is puzzling but we are here to guide you!

Regardless of whether you call yourself an overwhelming gamer or workaholic freak, spending extended periods every day in your chair is a part of your daily routine. If you are a gaming pro, the absolute first difficulty you’re gone up against when choosing an ergonomic seat is whether to go with a gaming or standard office seat, while in case you’re not, the idea of possessing a stylish gaming seat presumably hit your mind.

In this article, I’ll try to analyze all the significant differences between a gaming seat and an ordinary ergonomic office seat to assist you in your understanding and making the most ideal decision for comfort and your physical health, so continue perusing to find which style is best for you before you make your next investment.

What is Gaming Chair and Office Chair
Gaming chairs are designed with primary consideration of a cool look. The comfort is secondary.

Office chairs are primarily designed for ergonomics and comfort. The look and design come after comfort.

These definitions of gaming and office chair are way precise, yet, they cannot be applied universally to all the chairs of these two categories. There are some brands of the office chair in the market that integrates an eye-catching design and are comfortable too. As a general concept, a gaming chair is assumed to be more stylish and rocking design while an office chair is focused more on ergonomically comfortable makeup.

Quick Review of the Main Differences Between Gaming Chair and Office Chair

The exact meaning of a gaming chair and office chair may evolve depending upon the consumer’s preferences and expectations. However, we have eased you in your selection by marking key areas of differences between the two. Here you go!

  Gaming Chair    Office Chair 
Headrest  Fixed      Customizable 
Backrest Winged      Wingless 
Seat Pan Bucket seat       Flat
Seat Edge Usually Raised   Waterfall Shaped
Backrest Recline A higher degree of Recline     Low to high
Lumbar Support  Separated Pillows Fixed or detachable
Armrest  3D or Higher   2D and Higher

Key Components of a Gaming Chair

A gaming chair is equipped with incredible attributes and can be recognized easily due to its bright colors and attractive design. You will find the following components in a gaming chair.

  • Bucket Seat
  • Raised Front Lip Seat
  • Fixed Headrest
  • Head Pillows and Lumbar Support are Detachable
  • High Level of Back Recline
  • Vibrant Colors

In contrast, office chairs have dull and muted shades with seats and lumbar support more functional than anything else. Let’s discuss in detail all the components of a gaming chair and then compare it with a standard office chair to see what matters for you!

Bucket Seat Design

Many gaming chairs embrace a bucket seat style where the two sides are elevated. With inspiration from racing car seats, sure it looks cool, yet what practical application does it have in your room with the consideration of ergonomics and comfort? In a moving vehicle, bucket seats help secure the driver as his/her body shifts from left to right, however as a gamer, your body will only occasionally be moving sideways.

It would appear to be the entire reason for bucket seats in gaming seats is for optics. They do not just give the deception of a seat that supports you, however the feeling of sitting in an F1 dashing vehicle as you race in the lanes of LA in the most recent “Need for Speed” game. For gamers, this can be a significant factor- as it will boost up your enthusiasm in-game and puts you closer to the scene.

For an ergonomic viewpoint, bucket seats fill little need, and can even be counterproductive. With the two raised sides, there is more limitation in your seating space in addition to the capacity to move around. For individuals who like to sit leg over the leg with one of the two feet on the seat, the raised sides can confine blood flow in your feet considerably as your feet are pressed in the narrow available space.

Likewise, for bigger individuals, note that manufacturers regularly report the seat’s width that incorporates the raised sides that it is not enough in dimensions to accommodate a bulky person.

Contrasted with a gaming chair, standard office chairs accompany a molded seat that gets rid of any raised sides. The selection of materials is also worth considering. While gaming chairs typically presents designs made of PU or original leather upheld by high-density foam(in more costly gaming seats), ordinary ergonomic seats can come in mesh, leather, fabric texture, and so on. The Herman Miller Embody for instance utilizes various layers of fabrics for its chair that makes dynamic pressure zones for greatest ergonomics and comfort.


A decent office chair beats decent gaming chairs in the seating design with regards to ergonomics. The raised sides in the gaming chair limit free movement and don’t uphold as wide a scope of sitting positions contrasted with a standard office chair.

Raised Front Line

The gaming chair generally features a raised front lip. Another replica of the design of a car seat, this feature too accomplish the same need ergonomically as the raised sides do.

In any vehicle, a seat with a raised front assists props with increasing the driver’s legs a bit so it’s simpler to arrive at the gas pedals. It assists in keeping the driver in the seat. But, what makes for an amazing design structure in one scenario can have the contrary impact on another.

While considering an office chair, there is no gas pedal to the floor and a brake pedal to support the pump. The suggested ergonomic sitting position for work is with your knees bent at 90 degrees and feet level on the floor. At such a position, a seat featuring a waterfall edge, or something contrary to a raised edge, is best for diminishing pressure to develop in the posterior aspect of the thighs.

It is highly suggested to select a chair with a waterfall edge design especially if you complain about numbness and cramps in the back of your thighs after prolong hours of computing.


Ergonomically, an office chair that integrates a waterfall edge design can surely beat a gaming chair of the raised edge.

Separable Lumbar Cushions and Head Pillows

Separable lumbar and head cushions are standard gaming seat embellishments, yet do they really fill any ergonomic need? The short answer is definitely Yes, however, I suggest you notice a gaming chair where the location of the lumbar pad can be customized (utilizing a strap for instance) so that it can target the exact region of your back that requires cushioning.

A study was conducted on the impacts of external lumbar support and cushion in correcting the neutral spine, comfort with work, and assistance of lower back stability.

It ought to be noticed that the lumbar pad utilized in the study had a cut out in the middle for the pelvic region; most lumbar pads on gaming chairs just comprise of a square or a roll, however, there is proof that even such form factors had a major contribution in head and neck postural alignment”.

Once more, I would propose searching for gaming seats where the lumbar cushions can be customized and moved as per the body structure of the consumer, as every individual’s body is different, and customization is critical to get any benefit.


There is huge evidence-based data and facts that show how vital the use of lumbar cushions and head pillows is in maintaining a good posture and spine alignment. The gaming chairs have an easing feature of adjusting the lumbar cushion and head pillow as per the body requirements. However, a standard office chair, though equipped with both these features, has an adherent lumbar cushions and head pillow.

Nowadays, well-reputed manufacturers are introducing office chairs that can defeat the gaming chair with a neck and back support that can be adjusted automatically as the user moves ( Herman Miller Embody).

Winged Backrest

Another important characteristic of a gaming chair is the winged backrest. This feature is again a replica of the car seat which is designed to support the driver in event of blunt turns. However, in gaming, I believe that there will be hardly a racing game that will cause your body to sway violently from left to right.

The for and against of winged backrest are identical to those of bucket seats. They will boost your gaming experience beyond your imaginations but there is no real-life advantage of this feature which you can call as ergonomically essential.


Winged backrest, no doubt, are real boosters to your gaming performance but there is not any known ergonomic benefit, they only limit swaying of the upper body. If you are bulky and large, then this winged chair may not accommodate you comfortably. You are suggested to look for an extra-wide gaming chair.

Fixed Headrest

Many gaming chairs feature a high back with a fixed headrest to help the player’s head. Merging with a removable head cushion to support the neck, this is better ergonomically in comparison with mid or low back office seats for individuals who used to bend regularly, as gamers often do. Similar to a bed with a backboard and a cushion feel more relaxing for rest, a chair with a headrest and back cushion gives more comfort and hold up as compared to a non-recline chair.

Obviously, numerous standard office chairs are integrated with headrests, that are customizable in height and angulation, or both. Those are coherently better than fixed headrests, however, it doesn’t affect the excellence of gaming chairs that features neck and head support with their design.


Headrests are way comforting for those users who have a habit of leaning frequently in their computing and gaming. The benefit of the headrest in a gaming chair is way obvious in terms of ergonomics.

Adjustable Armrests

Finally, we have arrived at the most advantageous attribute of the gaming chair, the highly adjustable arm sets which can be attained at a similarly affordable price as that of a standard office chair. It is a common practice to find a 2D or even a 3D adjustable arm sets gaming chair in the price range below 200.

This armrest allows you to customize it in-depth, angle, and even height to meet your arm position comfortably. In contrast, a standard office chair with a 3D armrest can cause you to invest up to 300.

Ergonomics are highly dependant upon the adjustability of the armrest. A common 3D armrest is more ergonomically comfortable and supportive to manage your arm in a V position as in typing.


Gaming chair features more customizable armrests as compared to the standard office chair, that too with the same price tag.

Higher Level of Back Recline

Most gaming chairs accompany a significant level of backrest recline angle, some even as far back as 180 degrees to convert it into a bed. There is a ton of clashing opinions on exactly what the most ergonomic approach to sit is. You’ve no doubt heard the familiar aphorism “sit straight”, however, how does that truly hold up in the medical world with regards to prolong comfort and ergonomics?

All things considered, it is deducted via different studies that sitting in a leaned back position puts the least strain and minimum stress on your spine and disc, thus minimizing the chances of wear and tear.

This is particularly appropriate in case you’re at risk of back pain or muscular imbalance. Canadian specialist Waseem Amir Bashir utilized MRI outputs to measure the extent of pressure exerted on the spine and back muscles with different sitting positions during gaming and working.

It turned out the least exertion causing angle comes with the backrest inclined at 135 degrees. This momentous exploration may make it possible to affect the general design and angulation of backrests in all ergonomic office chairs.

For gamers that can undoubtedly spend numerous hours in sitting position, a seat with a considerable recline back angle would appear to be basic to help manage spinal pains and back muscle strain.

Numerous standard office chairs– particularly leather manufactured seats offer a limited tilt angle and just tilt rather than reclining back for just 10 – 20 degrees. Gaming chairs then again are significantly more universal in this regard, even the economical friendly ones, for example, the GTracing Chair has the feature of reclining back nearly to flat.


Gaming chairs with a flexible angle of reclination are more ergonomically friendly and supportive to your spine and back structures as compared to the standard office chairs.

Summary of the Findings

Most Comfortable

If you are having computing or desktop tasks for a short duration of time, then the standard office chair is the most comfortable one. You can use it in the library, net cafe or even in the conference rooms.

However, these chairs will allow you to sit in a static posture. Being static for long may cause your spine and back to ache. So an ergonomic and comfortable chair is the one need of time. They provide adjustable features that can prevent postural and back-related issues.

Best in Productivity

Almost all office chairs offer good ergonomics that will ultimately improve your health and mood during working hours. This means that perfect postural alignment is necessary for being more productive and creative. A good posture will prevent your muscles from straining and allow sufficient blood and oxygen to your brain that will focus more on productivity. However, these chairs are expensive.

On the other hand, gaming chairs have decent price tags and are as supportive of your posture in slouched gaming posture and upright working posture.

Gaming Chair VS Office Chair- The Final Verdict

So what is your final thought after having an explicit guide about the specs of a gaming chair and a standard office chair and a thorough comparison between them. You can make up any option of the two after this detailed analysis but here are my vital takeaway tips with keen consideration on ergonomics and comfort.

The bucket seat and winged backrests may not be productive and comfortable from an ergonomic point of view, though the goal is to grab a large dimension gaming chair.

If you have a restrained budget, then a gaming chair is perfect for you as compared to a standard office chair. Even the lowest in a price gaming chair is integrated with a bundle of ergonomic features such as adjustable lumbar pads, 3D armrests, and recline angle.

If you have sufficient budget to invest, then leave the gaming chair and start considering a standard office chair that is ideal in comfort and ergonomics.


Are gaming chairs more comfortable than office chairs?
In simple words, a standard office chair is more in comfort and ergonomics than a gaming chair. This is due to the fact that office chairs are simple in use in contrast to a racing-style gaming chair. Seating with the recline feature of a gaming chair may take time to get used to.

What is the point of gaming chairs?
The main purpose of a gaming chair is to keep you active and physically healthy in the long run. Prolong sitting with a good posture will improve blood flow that will cause your brain to enhance focus and productivity in your gaming performance.

Are gaming chairs bad for posture?
A good gaming chair will assist your spine, support your back muscles, and align your upper body. The gaming chair will help you to operate your long-duration games without back pain and neck stiffness.