[10+] Best Gaming Chair with Footrest Review & Buying [2020]

[10+] Best Gaming Chair with Footrest Review & Buying [2020]

Generally, using gaming chairs offer ergonomic support for extended periods of gaming, but the gaming chair with footrest offers additional comfort. The gaming chairs with footrest are multi-purpose, so these are suitable for various purposes, such as for office uses, relaxing, and even for sleeping.

This is because the gaming chairs with footrest are specially designed to offer optimum comfort. Additionally, while spending long hours, our bodies need the perfect and comfortable seat that is ergonomic and offers reliable support without conceding on our health.

Moreover, these gaming chairs with footrest allow you to sit at an angle that releases the pressure from your spine and lower back. So, these chairs are ideal to use if you are suffering from back pain.

Being said that, our experts, after several hours of vigorous research, have come up with this exclusive list of the best gaming chairs with footrest. All these picks are from reliable brands and are popular among gamers due to their superb comfort and reliable support.

1. Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Massage Lumbar Support

Our list kicks off with this vintage gaming chair that possesses a stylish look from Dowinx. The dowinx gaming chair comes in red and black, and the design is unique.

The chair’s frame features acrylonitrile, and it comes with an ergonomic design that can comfortably support up to 350 lbs. Furthermore, things get more interesting with the USB cable power supply massager that comes with this chair. So, if you use the chair for long hours, this is the best choice.

Some of the other features of this Dowinx gaming chair are multi-point body contact with massage function, and the eco-friendly and ergonomic design that enhances the overall comfort of the chair. The other thing that we loved in this chair is the wide footrest area, which allows you to lean back and place your legs in the air without any issue.

All things considered, the Dowinx gaming chair with footrest features a vintage design with excellent massage abilities and wide footrest area. With all these features, you will feel great whether you are gaming, working, or relaxing.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair comes with a built-in massage function and a USB port.
  • Weight capacity is high up to 350 lbs.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • High-density foam is thicker than the others.
  • The tilt base is not firm.


2. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

If you’re searching for the most affordable gaming chair with footrest and don’t want to compromise on the quality, then this VON RACER Gaming Chair is an excellent bargain.

The chair comes at an affordable price with almost all the features of expensive chairs. The chair features a weight capacity of 250 pounds that might not be the highest, but suitable for most users. The chair’s reclining angle is up to 135 degrees, and it comes with dense foam padding and a spacious seat.

This massage gaming chair by VON RACER also features a built-in USB electric massager that makes the lumbar cushion effective and helps to relieve your exhaustion. Furthermore, the seat’s height is adjustable, and by using the recline locking system, you can lock the back at your preferred angle up to 135°. To enhance comfort, it features adjustable arms and softly padded footrest.

The assembling is simple and takes only fifteen minutes to assemble the chair. Overall, it’s a good chair for folks who are on a limited budget.

Pros & Cons

  • Solid construction and optimum comfort.
  • Adjustable height and armrests.
  • The footrest can be folded easily.
  • Most affordable pick on the market.
  • Cushioning isn’t as thick as it should be.


3. OHAHO Gaming Chair

OHAHO Gaming Chair

Our next pick, the OHAHO gaming chair, includes an innovative USB massager, which offers superb comfort and enhances its lumbar cushion. Both these features help to relieve fatigue and support the ergonomic body posture, especially when you are using the chair for long hours. As such, this OHAHO gaming chair with footrest is perfect for gaming, working, or relaxing.

Overall, the construction of this gaming chair is sturdy, including its heavy-duty base. Apart from the base, the tilt lock feature, folding footrest, removable headrest pillows, and high-quality PU leather fabric make it the premium option in the market.

In addition to the elegant design, lumbar support, and skin-friendly PU leather fabric, the chair also features a high-density sponge that enhances the level of comfort. The rolling casters are sturdy and won’t damage your floor.

The weight capacity of this OHAHO racing style gaming chair with footrest is impressive up to 300 pounds, and it comes in multiple colors to choose from.

Pros & Cons

  • Highly durable construction.
  • Rolling casters are sturdy and make it easy to move around.
  • Spacious and extra-wide seat.
  • The built-in footrest is comfortable.
  • A bit expensive than the others.


4. Ficmax Gaming Chair Massage Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Ficmax Gaming Chair Massage Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

When it’s about the best gaming chair with a footrest, you can’t get better than this Ficmax gaming chair. The chair comes with dirt and fade-resistant PU leather fabric and soft, high-density memory foam; hence this Ficmax gaming chair is a dream of gamers and other users.

Besides, the chair also features adjustable armrests and adjustable seats. The chair enables you to comfortably lean back up to 180 degrees, which we found great, especially when you want to take a nap on the seat.

You will also get a neck pillow and the lumbar support that offers a light massage via USB. In this way, the chair comes loaded with all the handy features.

Moreover, the footrest is foldable, so if you don’t want to use it, just tuck it under the chair. The chair comes in various colors and styles to choose from. However, the weight capacity isn’t that high, and it can bear only 250 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair offers optimum comfort.
  • Adjustable armrest and seat height.
  • The footrest is foldable.
  • The chair comes with a built-in massage function.
  • Weight capacity is not impressive.

5. PC Gaming Chair BIMA Certified

PC Gaming Chair BIMA Certified

Here comes the BIMA certified gaming chair from BestOffice computer chair with footrest. This gaming chair comes fully covered with highly breathable premium PU leather.

The adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow offer a high level of comfort. The chair also features a reclining function from 90 to 155 degrees that allows you to align your body in the best way.

As mentioned above, the chair is BIFIMA certified and keeps your spine in an upright posture and calms down the back pain and stress.

Another thing that you will love in this budgeted gaming chair is its 360 degrees swivel function and smooth-rolling wheels that makes it effortless to move around.

This BestOffice gaming chair with leg rest can comfortably bear up to 250 pounds, which is not high but will work for most users. The chair’s weight is 45.1 pounds, and it offers more than enough space to sit and relax.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair comes with sturdy rolling casters and 36 degrees swivel function.
  • The chair comes at a budget-friendly price.
  • It features an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow.
  • Breathable PU leather makes it suitable for hot conditions.
  • Slightly heavy to move around.


6. GTRACING Gaming Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Most of you will be aware that GTRACING is a brand that builds the most durable chairs in the market. This PC gaming chair by GTRACING with a footrest is perfect for various purposes, including gaming and relaxing. The chair allows you to lean back up to 170 degrees and thanks to its retractable footrest that allows you to lie down comfortably.

The high-quality PU leather along with soft seat cushions and lumbar support and headrest pillows, this chair offers the best comfort. This particular chair is suitable for wide applications – you can use it for work, gaming, watching movies, or relaxing.

Apart from these features, the chair comes with smooth-rolling casters that will not scratch your floor. The seat height is also adjustable, and it comes with flexible armrests.
Lastly, the chair’s weight capacity is also higher than the others, up to 350 pounds.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes with adjustable armrests and seat height.
  • PU leather fabric is highly breathable.
  • Rolling casters are suitable for almost all surfaces.
  • Sturdy and durable construction.
  • The footrest is retractable.
  • Foam padding could have been better.


7. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

Here comes the PC gaming chair with footrest from one of the most popular brands, the RESPAWN. The brand is well-known in making high-quality gaming chairs, and this RESPAWN-110 is another excellent product in their arsenal.

The chair is adjustable up to 150 degrees and comes with a smooth tilt lock mechanism. The nicely padded backrest of the chair offers optimum comfort and excellent contoured support. Moreover, the chair’s design is sleek yet elegant, and you will also find the fold-out footrest comfortable and highly durable.

The RESPAWN-110 gaming chair features a solid construction thanks to its robust and durable steel frame. Manufacturers have full confidence in their product, and they offer OFM Limited Lifetime warranty with the chair.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable gaming chair in the market.
  • The chair features reclining, swivel, and extendable footrest for better comfort.
  • It can bear up to 275 pounds.
  • The chair includes adjustable lumbar and headrest pillows.
  • The reclining function is reasonable but limited to only 150 degrees.


8. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

Footrests are popular and handy accessory in gaming chairs, and nowadays, manufacturers are innovating them in the chairs due to their popularity and consumer demand.

Our this pick by Nokaxus states that a footrest in a gaming chair is more than just a cushion. The footrest is nicely padded in this gaming chair, it is extra-wide, and it is retractable.

As for the construction, the materials used in this Nokaxus PC gaming chair with footrest include soft handrails, dense sponge for better support, and a spacious and comfortable seat that features a curvy design. Overall, the chair’s shape and style look awesome, and you can use it for several purposes apart from gaming.

Furthermore, this Nokaxus gaming chair also features a built-in massage function, ergonomic design, and 360 degrees of rotation. Moreover, the seat’s height is adjustable, and the footrest is retractable. For maximum comfort, the chair includes a waist massage pillow and adjustable head pillow.

By looking at all these features, we can safely say that this PC gaming chair with footrest will meet all of your needs flawlessly.

Pros & Cons

  • The waist massage feature is useful.
  • Durable base and robust frame.
  • Reclining and swivel features are excellent.
  • Weight capacity is impressive.
  • Foam padding could have been better.


9. ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Next in our lineup is the gaming chair from Elecwish. It might look different than the most gaming chairs in the market, but it is quite comfortable.

Featuring a whopping weight capacity of up to 330 pounds, this racing gaming chair with footrest is also suitable for heavy persons. The chair offers optimum support, and its ergonomic design encourages a healthy posture. Due to these, you will get superb comfort no matter how long you use the chair.

To enhance the comfort, the chair comes with fully adjustable and nicely padded armrests. You will also like the reclining function that allows you to lean 170 degrees. The foldable footrest is wide and well-made, and you can comfortably keep your legs up in the air.

Furthermore, the chair features a soft PU leather cover, a 5-star base that is tested and certified by BIFMA, and smooth wheels, which will not scratch your floor.

Lastly, the seat height adjustment is handy and makes it a multi-purpose gaming chair.

Pros & Cons

  • The maximum weight capacity is 330lbs.
  • The chair features anti-scratch PU leather fabric.
  • Seat height and armrest are fully adjustable.
  • The 5-star base is sturdy and foldable.
  • The chair’s weight is on the higher side.


10. Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

Homall Ergonomic High-Back Racing Chair

As we are approaching towards the end, allow me to introduce a perfect balance between quality and price. So, our next pick comes from Homall Gaming Chairs.

The chair includes highly breathable PU leather cushioning, and it is super comfortable as compared to the other chairs on the market. The chair also features holes at the backrest that allows for smooth and consistent airflow. It is something that all gamers need, especially when playing in hot and humid environments.

Moreover, you can also adjust the chair’s height, and it comes with padded armrests. However, the armrests are not adjustable. The tilt mechanism is reliable and allows you to tilt the chair up to 160 degrees.

Furthermore, the chair comes with an adjustable head pillow, and the wide footrest is foldable. The weight is not that higher, but it will suit most of the users. The maximum weight limit is up to 280 pounds.

Lastly, this is among the best gaming chairs with a footrest in the market, especially for those with a limited budget.

Pros & Cons

  • Durable steel frame and sturdy base.
  • Adjustable gaming chair with footrest.
  • The footrest is retractable.
  • Impressive weight capacity.
  • The chair’s armrests are not adjustable.


11. Furmax Gaming Chair

Furmax Gaming Chair

Here comes the last pick of our list. A gaming chair from Furmax. Most chairs with footrest allow you to adjust the height while this Furmax gaming chair with footrest makes the whole process effortless due to the pneumatic gas lifting system.

Moreover, the chair also has a unique tilt mechanism that offers stability and enables you to recline it up to 180 degrees. In simple words, you can also use it as a bed. For your convenience, the chair comes with 5-star casters and 360 degrees swivel functions.

Further adding to the comfort, the dense foam padding and sturdy tubular steel frame offer unmatched durability.

The backrest is much higher than the others and keeps your back in a correct posture while also offering reliable support to your neck.

The armrests are adjustable, and the max weight limit of the chair is 310 pounds, which is higher than the other chairs. Lastly, if you want optimum comfort and versatility, this is your best bet.

Pros & Cons

  • The chair can rock back and forth.
  • The chair comes with height adjustment and swivel features.
  • 310 pounds of weight capacity.
  • You can recline it up to 180 degrees.
  • Smooth movement due to sturdy casters.
  • The weight of the chair is slightly heavy.



Can a Footrest Improve Blood Circulation?
Footrest in a gaming chair encourages a healthy body posture, which improves and enhances the flow of blood in your legs. Apart from it, if you work on a desk, then we will advise you to change your seating position frequently or move around a bit for better blood circulation.

What are Ergonomic Footrests?
Ergonomic footrests are specially-designed for a healthy posture. These footrests offer a comfortable platform to place your feet. Moreover, these footrests resemble foot pedestals, and these are not attached to the chair.

Is there any difference between a Footrest and an Ottoman?
Both these fixtures are handy and do an excellent job of keeping you comfortable. But there are differences between the two.

A footrest is a platform that allows you to place your feet. On the other hand, the Ottomans are a type of footrest larger than the normal footrest. Ottomans are more padded and are covered in fabric. Footrests often are attached to the chairs, whereas the Ottomans are separate from the chairs.

Can I fold the footrest in a gaming chair?
Yes, you can. The footrests are retractable, and you can easily tuck it under the chair if you don’t want to use it.

Are gaming chairs better for your spine and lower back?
Chair designed for gaming purpose offers the adequate support that our spine needs. These chairs are also helpful for blood circulation and keep our spines aligned. So, if you sit for a long time or suffer from stiffness or back pain, a gaming chair can help relieve the pain by supporting good posture.

Will a gaming chair improve my gameplay?
It mainly depends on your skills. However, with the right gaming chair, you can focus on your game as it keeps you comfortable. Moreover, most gaming chairs are customizable, so you can set them up as per your needs. The most significant benefit of having a gaming chair is that it keeps your back straight and allows you to enjoy intense gaming sessions comfortably.


Gaming chairs are great as they allow you to play and enjoy your gaming sessions in luxurious comfort. And if you have the best gaming chair with a footrest, the fun and comfort get doubled. A chair that has a wide footrest can make any gaming session into a luxurious one.

However, it can be a bit difficult for new users to pick a perfect gaming chair with a footrest due to the abundance of choices in the market right now. However, after reading this comprehensive guide, we are sure that you can find the one easily.

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