Gtracing VS Dxracer: Which one is worth buying?

Gtracing VS Dxracer: Which one is worth buying?

I’m investigating two of the absolute best seats available in the market to know which one is worth buying as both of the seats have excellent qualities.

I’ll be positioning the GTRacing seats close by the DXRacer range across different execution factors – from construct quality to solace, worth, and everything in the middle.

Interestingly, these are almost the same seats at one or the flip side of the value range, with the DXRacer costing generally double the cost of the GTRacing seat.

Both are hustling-style seats with practically indistinguishable plans and shading plans, and the two seats have gotten huge loads of positive surveys, as well.

Things being what they are, will the DXRacer merit the additional cash? Or on the other hand, will the GTRacing seat demonstrate that its incredible worth is not comparable with any other seat?

Let’s have a complete comparison between the two seats.


The Gtracing seat and the DXRacer are firmly coordinated, with the DXRacer giving a superior form quality and plan. By and by, the GTRacing seat demonstrated its worth with the best solace, adaptability, client reviews, and a greatly improved cost.


Product Dxracer Gtracing
Rewards Best quality seat Best budget seat
Brand Dxracer Gtracing
Dimensions 27.5 x 27.5 x 51 inches 20.86 x 21.26 x 51.97 inches
Color A variety of colors are available A variety of colors are available
Material Metal, foam, nylon Faux leather
Weight 200 pounds 300 pounds
Recline 90-135 degrees 90-160 degrees
Warranty 2 years 5 years

Which One is a winner?

So which seat is better? In this segment, I’ll separate the exhibition of each seat across a scope of rules.

Overview of brands

Both of these brands are legitimate names inside the gaming seat industry.

Established in 2005, GTRacing is a Chinese organization comprised of top-level designers and engineers, so you’d anticipate that they should understand what they’re doing!

GTRacing guarantees esteem, tough plan, and solace as the absolute minimum norm with their items.

DXRacer, established in 2001 out of Michigan, USA, initially made vehicle seats, yet before long understood the market potential in gaming seats.

They guarantee to be the first and unique brand of the advanced gaming seat, with ‘premium’ items that are the most loved decision of esports gamers across the globe.

Build Quality

With the distinctions in evaluations, you would anticipate that this should be a region where the DXRacer beats the GTRacing seat, and it does. Even though just barely.

The DXRacer accompanies a solid plan, highlighting an intense vinyl network material close by PU leather that should keep going for quite a long time.

There’s a quality high-thickness froth cushioning as well, even though it’s anything but somewhat slight in certain spaces of the seat – explicitly around the headrest.

This seat includes more metal segments than the GTRacing seat, with an aluminum base, metal edge, and metal armrests.

The GTRacing seat includes a plastic armrest development, albeit the GTRacing has metal segments in the main places (like the casing).

The GTRacing seat actually has some noteworthy form quality at its cost range. While its base is made of plastic, this is, at any rate, a powerful hard plastic.

The froth cushioning on the seat may show up excessively flimsy from the start yet is truth be told solid enough for a normal form individual. The smooth PU leather is more flexible than what can be found on the DXRacer seat (however not as intense).

The lone other analysis of the GTRacing seat is that it squeaks more than the DXRacer, yet this is normal for a seat that costs close to nothing.

So here the winner is Dxracer!


The GTRacing seat is shockingly agreeable and strong. Similar to the DXRacer arrangement, GTRacing seats accompany an ergonomic plan across the seat and backrest.

This attempts to embrace your back and legs, keeping you upheld for longer timeframes. As referenced before the froth cushioning shows up slightly, however is adequately thick to keep you upheld when sitting on this seat.

The PU leather is smoother than the DXRacer’s vinyl material, and this is the one space of solace where the GTRacing seat is better.

The issue with the GTRacing seat is the little size of the seat, which could be excessively close-fitting for you if you are a bigger individual.

Concerning the DXRacer, this is an agreeable seat. The seat cushioning is marginally thicker than on the GTRacing seat and all the more firm (and agreeable) thus.

The armrests are likewise elastic cushioned which is a reward, however, the GTRacing seat is more agreeable in every region from here onwards.

The DXRacer’s cushioning around the headrest is excessively scanty and depends on the head pad to make it more agreeable. The vinyl material on the DXRacer is additionally excessively harsh.

Generally speaking, the GTRacing seat simply conceals it as far as solace.

Here the winner is definitely GTRacing!

Customizability, and Accessories

Both of these seats include basically similar embellishments, with each seat offering head and lumbar pads as standard.

I favor GTRacing’s pads. They’re the ideal size to accommodate your back and neck and are truly agreeable.

The DXRacer’s pads are additionally agreeable yet are somewhat harder to change than the GTRacing’s pads.

As far as adaptability, the two seats offer great choices while changing your seating position.

The DXRacer offers a lockable slant point (which the GTRacing seat can’t), alongside 130° of lean back point, stature change, a shaking highlight, and 4D armrests (truth be told, 4D!)

The tracing seat actually offers incredible change here, in any case, and while it needs slant locking, you can in any case shake back in this seat, alongside a much better lean back point of 170°.

With 3D armrests and stature flexibility as well, the GTRacing outflanks the DXRacer in this segment.

And the winner is GTRacing!


The tracing seat and the DXRacer both have a truly comparative hustling vehicle seat appearance.

They even have a practically indistinguishable shading plan, with dark as an essential base tone, and afterward, an auxiliary tone layered around the edges of the backrest and seat.

Both of these seats offer comparative choices as far as shading.

Each brand offers 5 shading alternatives, however, the DXRacer is marginally less motivating, with 3 of its choices just comprising of dark, white, or dim.


The other two tones are blue and red, which GTRacing likewise has – alongside an extra tone in purple.

I think the two seats look great, however, the DXRacer is sleeker with its plan. There is better itemizing around the lower backrest and seating region, with hued funneling that runs along its edges.

The DXRacer likewise has a less difficult look than the GTRacing seat, and I accept that shows up really striking.

The winner here is DXRacer!


With both of these brands creating seats at the furthest edges of the evaluating range, the victor of this part was continually going to reduce to which seat conveys better incentive at its cost.

Shows improvement over its $170 sticker price? Or then again is the DXRacer such a great deal better compared to it merits the extra $120?

I accept the DXRacer is the marginally better seat as far as quality, yet I don’t think it is reasonable enough in front of the tracing seat to legitimize its cost.

That being said, the GTRacing seat outflanks its sticker price by far. Even though you are as yet purchasing spending on seats for certain plastic parts, the form quality and solace of this seat are excellent at their cost.

As I would see it, the DXRacer is somewhat expensive. For a seat that isn’t completely the same as the GTRacing seat, it costs more than $100 more. Consequently, tracing wins this segment.

The winner here is GTRacing!


GTRacing and DXRacer both offer a guarantee with their items, and you can anticipate a reasonable arrangement with these brands.

tracing utilizes a ‘no inquiries posed to guarantee strategy, whereby GTRacing will assume full liability for a broken item inside one year of procurement.

Online purchasers and supporters can get a 2-year guarantee with GTRacing items.

DXRacer offers a 2-year guarantee on seat parts and a lifetime guarantee on the steel outline itself.

While the two guarantees are acceptable, GTRacing can’t give a similar lifetime to ensure that DXRacer can. It’s therefore that DXRacer has a preferred guarantee over tracing.

The winner in this category is DXRacer!

User Reviews

tracing and DXRacer seats have both gotten an entire host of positive audits on the web.

The two brands are all around appraised on their amazon postings, be that as it may, the GTRacing seat’s fame is stunning here.

The GTRacing seat is the number 1 hit on Amazon and has more than 16,000 client surveys. 74% of these gave the seat 5 stars, referring to an incentive for cash as a central explanation they adored this seat.

The DXRacer had only 82 surveys, and with a lower measure of client audits, 81% of these gave the seat 5 stars.

That is incredible, however, on destinations like Trustpilot, the DXRacer didn’t score just as the GTRacing seat.

Saying this doesn’t imply that that the DXRacer is certifiably not a truly mainstream seat. With more than 6 million clients around the world, DXRacer is one of the greatest selling brands out there.

In any case, the mind-boggling number of positive surveys online settle on the GTRacing my decision as to the champ of this part.

The winner is GTRacing !


We have clearly compared the two leading brands that are famous for their quality chairs. tracing seat is excellent in terms of quality, structure, and durability whereas DXRcing is also no less. It is a bit pricier but worth the money.


Is GT racing a good brand?
Yes, GT racing is an excellent brand in terms of quality, structure, and durability. It has 5-star reviews on Amazon.
Is the DXRacer chair worth it?
Yes, DXRacer is a good brand and it has many 5 star ratings on Amazon. It is a bit pricy but it has a good quality build and structure.