HDMI vs. DVI: What's the Best AV input? - [2021]

HDMI vs. DVI: What’s the Best AV input? – [2021]

If you are from the 90’s generation, you might know the struggle we have to make to see the audio and video. When there are different cables, we have to the plugin for the audio and the video on your TV, and then we watch the favorite movie.

But with the progress in the technology and launch of the smart TVs, we don’t have to do that struggle, and those many cables are replaced with the HDMI and DVI cables.  

Many people ask about the difference between the HDMI and DVI cables, so let’s find out what these cables are.

HDMI cables

It is the very common cable that we use everywhere in our daily lives, like computers, projectors, and TVs. The HDMI cable is an interface that we use to transfer the audio and video files from the connected device.

The HDMI cables are manufactured in 2003 and launched many new versions until now. There are three types of HDMI cables. 

Full-size HDMI cables which we used for the projectors and computers.

Mini HDMI, which we use on the cameras to connect

Then there is micro which we use in smart phones and tablets.

DVI Cables

The full form of the DVI is the digital video interface that we use to transfer the video signals to the devices. We used it on many devices. It does not transmit audio signals like the HDMI cables. There are three types of DVI cables. 

The first one is called DVI-A, which is used to transfer analog video signals, but nowadays, we don’t use these cables.

The second one is called the DVI -D. This cable is used to transmit the digital video signals; these cables are very common in use, but you can’t connect it with the DVI-A.  Because these cable cannot pass the analog video signals through it.

The third one is the DVI-I cables; these are used to transmit both video signals and analog and digital signals. You can connect these cables with the above ones, and it will work perfectly.

1: Design


The design of the HDMI and DVI are the main difference from which you can recognize that if the cable is HDMI or DVI. The HDMI cable is small in size. The latest  version of HDMI is 2.1 and it supports the video quality from 10k and works on 120Hz frames. As the HDMI cable is responsible to transmit both audio and video channels then it supports 32 channels audio.


If we compare the DVI design with the HDMI so, it looks more bulky than the HDMI cable. It is more complicated then the HDMI. If you are doing to select the DVI then you need to buy the one which supports your display system but the most common in the 32-pin setup.

2: Compatibility


If you are going to buy the HDMI cable, it is the most common thing which will work for your latest pc, laptop and any other devices like projectors that means that it is very easy to buy and you don’t have to worry if it is compatible with your display or not.


There were times when all TVs and monitors came with the DVI cable but now it’s very rare. There are many converters in the market that can change the DVI to HDMI and you can get them cheaper from your nearer hardware store.

3: Quality 


In all the modern smart devices there are HDMI cables used due to its impressive video quality. The latest version of the HDMI 2.1 has the ability to deliver the 4k at the 144 HZ and it supports the 42.6Gbit/sec which is ideal speed for the modern devices. The HDMI delivers the both signals audio and video which makes it suitable for the modern devices.


If we compare the HDMI with the DVI cables, the refresh rate of the DVI is just 9.9Gbit/sec which is very less than the HDMI. The supporting resolution of the DVI is also 3840×2400 at 30 Hz which means that in this competition we have the clear winner HDMI due to its higher refresh rate and video quality.

4: Price


If we talk about the price then the price of the HDMI cable depends on the quality of your cable. There are many cheap cables in the market which do not have the good material and if you buy them the result will be that they broke or got cracked within some days that’s why it is advised that you should always buy the premium quality cable that will last long.


The price of the DVI is much cheaper than the HDMI due to its lower use because there are not many people who prefer to buy these cables but more people like to go for the HDMI cables because they are more suitable and easy to use. But if you are going to buy the DVI then you should go for the premium quality cables, so they’ll not break or get cracked in some time.


We have described in detail what these cables are and then differentiate them, But the question is the same: which one is the better VA input? The answer to this question depends on your needs if you need the high speed refresh rates then we’ll tell you to go for the HDMI because they are faster than the DVI.

The new and modern devices have the HDMI cables instead of the DVI so, if you are using the New device then go for HDMI. The HDMI and the DVI perform the same work but there is only one difference for DVI you need more cables to transmit audio while in HDMI all work is done through one single cable. 

If we have to choose the best VA input cable between these two cables we’ll go for the HDMI because they are compatible with the latest version of all devices and are faster than the DVI cables.


 Is DVI bad for gaming?

If you have 1080p monitor then the DVI cable is the good option for you but if you want to play game on this resolution then you need some high-quality graphic cards. But you should know that it is the much colder way to use these cables because nowadays on latest monitors the HDMI cables are used. So, if you have some of the latest displaying devices then it is advised to go for the HDMI cables.

Can you get 144Hz with HDMI?

 Yes, the HDMI 1.4 port is enough for getting the 144hz at 1080p or if you want 1440p in 75 HZ and you can also get 4k video resolution with the 30HZ. If you are using the latest 2.0 version of the HDMI it is then you can also get 240HZ at 1080p and 60hz if you are planning to get the 4K resolution. If we see the latest devices they all are having the HDMI ports because they are more convenient than the DVI.

What is HDMI DVI used for?

HDMI stands for the high definition multimedia interface while the DVI stands for the digital visual interface. The responsibility of these cables is to transmit the video and audio signals to the display device. The difference is that DVI is the older version cable which is only used to transmit the video signals while the HDMI can transmit both audio and video signals. That’s why HDMI is more widely used nowadays.

Is Dual Link DVI better than HDMI?

If you are planning to play high resolution videos on 2560×1600 or want to play 3D games then the Dual link DVI can be used. But most of the cards have the 1.4 HDMI Port that can play the high resolution videos and also can be used for the 3D games, so, if your display has the 1.4 HDMI port then you don’t need any Dual Link DVI and HDMI is better than it.

Is DVI slower than HDMI?

Yes, the DVI is slower than the HDMI. The maximum speed supported by the DVI is 9.9Gbit/sec while the HDMI has the speed of 42.9Gbit/sec that proves that the DVI is much slower to the HDMI when we compare the refresh rates of both cables.