The Best Choice – Open Wheeler Gaming Seat [Review In 2021]

The Best Choice – Open Wheeler Gaming Seat [Review In 2021]

Gaming has become a huge business along with being the passion of so many youngsters these days. People have improved their gaming skills to the next level and are actually earning through the games. The difference between gaming passion now and the past few years is that people have established a proper setup for their gaming.

From having a separate room or studio to a separate PC/Laptop, Speakers, and everything connected to the Desktop, there has become a trend of proper set up for gaming business just like other businesses.

Now after having everything set up, the most important thing that you would definitely not want to miss is the chair or seat, of course. You cannot just spend hours sitting on a regular chair and playing games. You need to have that particular gaming feel, the comfort, the excitement to win. And so, there are specially designed chairs for the gamers.

About Open Wheeler Gaming Seat

One of those specially designed gaming seats is the Open Wheeler Gaming Seat. It is for sure one of the best gaming seats you’ll ever come across, an ideal chair for passionate gamers. Open Wheeler works perfectly with almost 99% of the steering wheels available in the market.


Open Wheeler is compatible with almost all major video gaming consoles. Whether your racing wheel includes an external gearshift unit or not, Open Wheeler is just the right choice for your gaming needs.

Here are some amazing facts and features of the Open Wheeler Gaming Seat.

  • Open wheeler works with 99% of all the steering wheels available in the markets.
  • They are compatible with your personal computers as well if they allow racing wheels to connect to them.
  • Open Wheelers is compatible with PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, and Wii. In short, you can say that they are compatible with all major consoles of video gaming.
  • They have been designed with a feature of the Telescoping steering column. With this, the height of the wheel can be regulated at your convenience.
  • It has a foldable seat back which helps in fine-tuning the seatback angle.
  • Moreover, it has an adjustable pedal platform. You can easily change and adjust the distance between the pedals and your seat to make it more comfortable.
  • Open Wheelers also have sliding rails with the help of which you can slide the seat backward or forward until you feel the most comfortable in your driving position.
  • There is a special holder for the external gearshift module. This feature makes the Open Wheeler best suitable for Logitech G25 and G27 wheels.


Open Wheeler – The Best Gaming Seat

From the features described above, you’ve just known a little about this amazingly comfortable gaming seat. Here are more amazing things about Open Wheelers.

The Gaming Seat for PS/PS3

Who doesn’t know about PlayStation? It is definitely Sony’s best-known console series for the longest time.

The Open Wheeler does not rely on something familiar or ordinary. It is made of high-grade materials and can be adjusted just as you like. Also, it is highly durable. No matter if it is an Open wheeler or its Gear shift mount, your satisfaction, and sheer driving pleasure is always guaranteed.

This is simply everything you would love to have in a simulator.

The Gaming Seat for Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is another amazing gaming console and also, the PlayStation’s strongest rival. The only weak point of Xbox 360 is about the steering wheelsets. The problem is that the selection is very much narrower.

But you do not have to worry about this. We’ve got the Open Wheeler for you. For amazingly exciting new directions in your racing experiences, get your hands over the Open wheeler. The high-quality and very efficient open wheeler with a great driving wheel is all that you need for your gaming sessions.

The Gaming Seat Matching Your Wii

Wii is Nintendo’s home video game console. It is something very amazing for the entire gaming community. Gamers of every age and gender will truly be fascinated.

After long hours of exhaustion and tiredness, the Open wheeler provides you the comfort and relaxing environment you terribly want. It has shoulder support, sliding rails, adjustable pedals, and much more. Hence, an open-wheeler is suitable and recommended for any age and size of the player.

The Gaming Seat for Your PC

With new advancements in racing simulators, PC gamers have often been neglected. PC versions are still available even after the console ones.

One of the best things about Open wheeler is the flexibility that it provides. All the very advanced and modern wheelsets that offer immense realism are compatible with the PCs. Open wheeler is their extraordinary extension, made of superb materials and a wide range of adjustability for ideal driving styles.

The Gaming Seat with Guaranteed Satisfaction

You would totally agree with us that personal style and comfort are always more important than trending styles. The Open Wheeler simulator builds the ultimate home driving simulator, the seat sheltering it along with the latter RS-Series extensions.

With 1080 degrees of rotation, inverted three-pedal block, and many other great flexibilities, you’ll be having great driving sensations. The Open Wheeler is also very affordable for the amazing things it has for you.

Gaming Seat for G27

G27 is the classic steering wheel by Logitech. It uses a helical gear with a 6-speed H-pattern gearbox and the performance is super realistic yet refined. Open wheeler would definitely extend all these great things for you.

The Gear Shifter Mount Unit was designed with G27 in mind. Because of sliding rails and black and red lines, Open wheeler provides an exceedingly amazing visual character.

Gaming Seat for Classic Driving Force GT

Even with the official GT5 wheel, you do not have to limit your racing requirements and wishes. Just pair it up with the Open Wheeler gaming seat and you’re all set. It builds up an ideal-level driving simulator. Open wheeler is a truly unique package and a bundle of comfort and relaxation.

And surely, your long countless hours in gaming are guaranteed to be full of excitement and enjoyment with the Open Wheeler gaming seat.

Gaming Seat for Classic Driving Force GT

Info Details
Brand/Manufacturer OpenWheeler
Model Number 102172012
Dimensions 37” x 16” 16”
Weight 55 pounds
Available Colors Red, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange
Date First Available 26th October 2011
Customer Rating 4.7 stars out of 5 stars

Product Information

  • Sporty and Trendy look
  • Gives off the race car vibes
  • Comes in plenty of impressive colors
  • The cockpit offers great sturdiness
  • Firmly placed wheels
  • Pedals placed firmly on the pedal mounts
  • One of the arms also come with the open-wheeler
  • Highly adjustable gaming seat
  • Impressive quality
  • Super comfortable
  • The seat is a bit lower than the ground
  • The space for the placement of legs is narrow


If you’re a passionate gamer and you’re looking for an amazing and fantastic gaming seat to match your comfort level and budget, the Open Wheeler is definitely for you. It is super adjustable with a lot of flexibilities and impressively designed for players, regardless of their age.

The steering wheel depth is decided by how you set up your pedals. As long as you’ve set up the seat according to your size and comfort, the Open Wheeler will let you drive for hours without any numbness or any sort of unpleasantness.


Is open-wheeler safe to store?
Yes. The Open wheeler is completely safe to store. It has been designed to be super foldable and adjustable. It literally takes seconds to transform the simulator into a storage size. When folded, it can easily fit into a wardrobe, cupboard, or any corner of the house.
Will my wheel fit on the Open Wheeler if I get it upgraded?
Yes. Totally. Open wheeler has been designed with great flexibilities and works with 99% of the wheels available in the market. It supports each and every wheel and would keep supporting for as long as the wheel designs don’t change in the future.
Is Open Wheeler actually very compatible?
Upon checking all the main steering wheel designs available, we can surely say that it is compatible with all types of wheels as well as all the major gaming consoles. The pedals plus wheel platforms not only accommodate but also support all-wheel models.
How long does it take to assemble the Open Wheeler?
The Open Wheeler usually comes to you in complete and fully assembled form. It is super easy less time-consuming to assemble the Open Wheeler. It hardly requires 15 to 20 minutes to get ready for use.
Is there a minimum or maximum age for Open Wheeler drivers?
Definitely not. The Open Wheeler is designed for everyone, regardless of the age and size of the player. But this is also true that very small children won’t be able to drive that comfortably.