The 5 Best Routers Under $50 In 2021

The 5 Best Routers Under $50 In 2021

Routers are used to transfer packets of data across different computer networks. All the data that is exchanged between networks, is exchanged through the routers. It is typically sent from one router to the other until it reaches its final destination.

In this modern world of technology, Routers are a basic need. In this modern era and the one yet to come, everything would totally depend upon Technology. Hence, the availability of the Internet is the most important thing these days.

With the growing world, routers have become even smarter too. In the past centuries, routers were not very advanced. A home router commonly connected two to three devices such as a PC, mobile phone, or maybe a tablet.

But now, there can be plenty of different connections made through routers. This is why the quality of the router greatly depends upon how well established your connections are. Almost everything starting from TV streaming, making calls, adjustment of temperature in a particular area to the online business deals, everything is dependent on the Internet.

If you’re a person who’s working online and making money through it, you would definitely know how much important it is to have a good WIFI speed. A large population of people in every country is currently working from home and investing in different kinds of businesses. Hence, a router with good speed is extremely important.

Types of Routers

Interestingly, there is not just one type of routers. There are many of them, having different speed packages according to one’s needs. You may choose the router with lesser speed if you need a few connections. But if you need more connections, you may go for the one that offers greater speed.

Here are a few different types of routers.

Wireless Router

This is the most common type of routers which are used everywhere. At homes, in offices, Wireless routers are the ones most preferred. They give access to phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices which have WIFI network capabilities in them. A few of the wireless routers also act as a router and modem combination.


The Bridge Router is known as the BRouter in its short form. As the name itself introduces, it is a combination of Bridge and Router. A BRouter is also a networking device.

Core Router

A Core Router serves as a router within a computer network only. It does not transfer data between different networks, rather it routes the data within one network only.

Edge Router

Edge routers basically are the gateways at the network edge. They act as the checkpoint before the data is allowed to enter a particular network. When data is about to enter a network, it is inspected through the edge router and then allowed or denied to enter.

For example, many access devices of MAN and WAN act as edge routers or edge devices.

Virtual Router

The Virtual Routers are also known as VRouters. It is a backup router and you may use it to share your computer’s connection to other devices.

Top 5 Routers under 50

Out of so many different routers which work exceedingly great and also provide the fastest internet speeds, here are the top 5 routers.

1.  TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Router

TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band RouterTP-Link AC1200 is one of the most advanced and high-speed Routers. It has a Dual-class frequency band and has the capability to transfer 1200 Megabits per second. It is an ideal device for homes with fast Ethernet ports.

With the TP-Link Dual Band Router, you may go for up to 100 Mbps Internet plans. It provides overall good speed and coverage. It is a single-core processor and supports 2 external antennas. This device has a total of 5 ports, out of which 4 are the Ethernet ports while one is the WAN port.


  • The TP-Link device helps you set up and manage your home networks in an easy way. Hence, it is ideal for home networks.
  • It has fast Ethernet ports and you may even choose the 100 Mbps Internet plans.
  • It also supports 4K streaming, and that too on multiple devices without the buffering delays.
  • Also, it has a USB Port through which you can share your files, images, and music files across the network.
  • It is compatible with all the existing and future 802.11ac WIFI devices.
  • It helps you access all the WIFI settings with the TP-Link Tether app without any complications, whether you want to access them through your phone or tablet.
  • It provides great security to your network so that you may easily share your network without having to compromise on security.
  • And the best thing is that it provides a 2-year warranty on its purchase and free Technical help whenever you need it.
  • It has a Dual-band frequency
  • High-speed router
  • 4 Ethernet ports
  • Reduced buffer delays
  • Good speed and coverage
  • Ideal for home networks
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Requires a reboot sometimes


2.  Linksys N300 WIFI Router (E1200)

Linksys N300 WIFI Router (E1200)Linksys already has a huge name in the market today. The amazing speed and other features that their devices offer are worth the money you spend on them. You would definitely enjoy the fast and reliable WIFI coverage with this Linksys N300 router at your home.

It offers a wide range of signals along with its fast speed. You can create powerful networks through it and connect computers, wireless printers, and other devices too. It also has four fast Ethernet ports and they help to create a reliable and high-speed home network.


  • It provides fast and reliable WIFI service.
  • It can support up to 300 Mbps speed. Not only this, its MIMO antenna boosts up the WIFI signals in order to provide you with an extremely reliable network.
  • It has four fast Ethernet ports through which you may connect more than one wired-devices.
  • The Linksys N300 Router also gives you an option if you want to create a different network for guests or a network to set parental controls in order to limit Internet access for your children.
  • It provides an ideal network for homes where you get a fast speed for different tasks such as wireless printing, surfing the web, etc.
  • Linksys N300 provides great security for a protected and secure network. Along with WPA/WPA2 encryption, it also features SPI Firewall with the purpose of keeping your data secure and your network safely connected.
  • Through the included Cisco Connect software, you can easily manage and configure your network.
  • The best thing about Linksys E1200 is that it comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • A good and reliable router
  • Fast speed
  • Super easy to install and set up
  • Comes with a CD for a complete guide
  • For fast Ethernet ports
  • Advanced security settings
  • A separate network for guests and children can be created
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Sometimes, you need to reset the device when the connections get interrupted.


3.  ASUS N300 WIFI Router

ASUS N300 WIFI RouterASUS N300 router is another amazing choice because of its 3 in 1 feature. It behaves as a Wireless Internet Router, Access Point, and as Range Extender as well. A good thing about this particular router is that it not only supports wireless, but it also supports wired connections. Whether you want a connection for your home or your office, ASUS N300 would be a great choice

It has also been praised for Networking excellence. ASUS has been awarded for the reader’s choice for consecutive five years which means, ASUS has been winning the reader’s choice award since 2012. This is because of its budget-friendly and high-speed routers which make its users most satisfied.


  • ASUS N300 router not only delivers a reliable connection and fast speed, but it also offers wired and wireless connections as per your choice.
  • It has the capability to transfer 300 Megabits of data per second.
  • It has 2 detachable antennas which provide even stronger signals and are able to cover wider areas for the perfect provision of signals everywhere.
  • Not only that, it uses the latest antennas which make it an ideal device for high 4K Streaming, Emailing, Gaming, Free Lancing, and so many other Internet-related tasks.
  • The signal strength provided by the ASUS routers is 2 times enhanced as compared to other routers.
  • It allows creating the setup of up to four wireless network accounts. That means it has multiple accounts set up.
  • Each user account can restrict access to particular websites as well as the maximum amount of bandwidth useable by each account can also be made limited.
  • It is a multiple 3 in 1 router for ultimate versatility.
  • A high-quality device
  • Multiple 3 in 1 device
  • Easy to install and setup
  • Offers reliable connection and fast speed
  • Ideal device for both; the home or office connections
  • Can be used for wired or wireless connection
  • 2 times enhanced signal power
  • Pretty much easy to configure
  • A bit bulky design
  • “Smart Connect” often slows down its overall speed


4.  HooToo Wireless Router AC1200

HooToo Wireless Router AC1200This particular HOOTOO router is also a great choice for establishing Internet connections. Its specialty is that it has four antennas for even more powerful signals and greater speed. It has a dual-band frequency class is capable of transferring 1.2 Gigabits of data in one second.

The speed that this HooToo wireless router provides is 3 times more than the other wireless routers. You won’t have to get annoyed and irritated due to long buffer delays. It is so fast that you’ll be flying over the web. Moreover, it is easy to set up and install and won’t require much rebooting even after long-term use.


  • The four antennas of this router provide great coverage for even wider areas. The antennas are fixed in such a way that they minimize any interference or hurdle that comes along the way.
  • Its 3 times more powerful and greater speed helps you enjoy smooth gaming, web surfing, and instant movie streaming.
  • It provides full control over your WIFI network along with the guarantee for a secure network and safe data transfer.
  • You may also create a separate network in order to restrict Internet access for underage children.
  • Moreover, its configuration is pretty much easy and you may find all its related details on google as well (in case you’re facing a problem in dealing with the device).
  • It also has a USB port through which you can share local printers or any kind of other media.
  • The USB port also allows you to access stored files via an FTP server.
  • Four antennas for wider coverage
  • 3 times more powerful signals
  • Easy to set up and install
  • It has a USB port as well
  • 2.4G signals
  • Provides a secure connection
  • Smooth Gaming, Web Surfing, and Netflix
  • No guest networks
  • Antennas are not detachable


5.  NETGEAR R600 WIFI Router

NETGEAR R600 WIFI RouterNETGEAR R600 also provides dual-band frequency classes with fast speeds. The NETGEAR AC1200 R6100 is one of the best entry-level wireless routers and having a decent range as compared to other routers. It also works fine throughout the home when all the internet devices are enabled.

With the help of R600, it provides 3 times faster speed with 11 ac as compared to 802.11n Technology which is also known as older technology or the one belonging to the previous era. The R6100 delivers speed and reliability both at a time which is need for so many applications such as watching HD streaming or YouTube.


  • The NETGEAR R600 has a total of five ports, out of which 4 are LAN ports and 1 is WAN port.
  • This router also has some parental controls so you can filter certain sites from your kids.
  • The guest network is another amazing feature if you have guests at home. You can simply activate the guest network and give them access to this particular network.
  • Another amazing feature Is the NetGear Genie app. This app basically provides a complete guide about how to install and manage the router.
  • It’s a 2-band frequency router, easy to set up and administer.
  • Unlike other routers, this particular router is not only suitable for normal-sized homes or offices, but also for larger homes.
  • It also provides secure WIFI connections and safe data transfer.
  • Can transfer data at a rate of 1200 Megabits in one second.
  • The NETGEAR R600 router is known to deliver high-performance speeds up to 600 Mbps.
  • The best thing about this router is that it can support up to 62 users at a time.
  • Looks like a more expensive Net gear router
  • Dual-band frequency
  • Guest network setup
  • Straightforward to setup
  • Compatible with a Net gear Genie app
  • Highly secure and reliable
  • Comes with an installation guide
  • Crippled wireless performance
  • WAN limits broadband to 100Mbit
  • Indication lights on the device are too small


PRODUCT TP-Link AC1200 Dual Band Linksys N300 (E1200) ASUS N300 HOODOO AC1200 NETGEAR R600
Connectivity WIFI WIFI Wireless, Wired USB 2 Wireless, Wired
Product Dimensions 4.9” x 7.2” x 1.3” 7.43” x 5.97” x 1.23” 3.1” x 7.7” x 11.1” 8.66” x 2.95” x 13.19” 11.43” x 10.24” x 2.96”
Product Weight 1.01 lbs. 0.52 lbs. 0.61 lbs. 0.75 lbs. 4.0 Ounces
Range In Feet In Feet In Feet __ In Feet
Ethernet Ports 5 4 5 0 5
LAN Ports 3 4 4 0 4
Data Transfer 1200 Mb/sec 300 Mb/sec 300 Mb/sec 1.2 Gb/sec 1200 Mb/sec
Frequency Bands Dual-band  Single-band Single-band 2.4 GHz Dual-band  Dual-band 

Summing It Up

There are plenty of different routers which provide different speed packages and area coverage. But while you’re choosing one for yourself, you should always keep in mind your requirements and how wide is your home or office.

This is because some routers have excellent internet speed but they only work great for limited space that is, they are not ideal for wide-area coverage. While some routers provide excellent speed along with wide area coverage.

So, it is important to choose the one according to your needs.


Can a better router increase your internet speed?
Yes, it can. But the maximum speed of internet being sent to your home by the provider cannot be increased any further even with a better router. For example, if you have a 500 Mbps internet plan, the router cannot make your internet speed faster than 50 Mbps, no matter how expensive and latest your router is.
Which router brand is the best?
It is difficult to choose one out of plenty of brands that provide great services. Some of the great router brands are TP-LINK, Google Nest WIFI, and ASUS.
Is it possible to have two routers at home?
Yes, it is possible. You can have two or even more than two routers at your home, depending upon the requirement of connections and your workload. The only condition is that they should be configured properly.
How much does a good router cost?
The most basic, dual-band routers would cost you around $100. But other than this, there are more expensive routers with better speeds which range up to $300. While some others which mostly are set up for gaming purposes cost even more than this.
How often should a router be upgraded?
Well, this depends greatly upon how your requirements grow and how often you upgrade your home devices such as computers or smartphones. But according to a rough estimated, you should upgrade your router after every three to four years.