Windows 10 Home Vs Pro – Which One Works Better?

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro – Which One Works Better?

Windows 10 Pro is called so for a reason. It is a much-advanced version of the Windows 10 Home and has many additional features that Home didn’t offer. Most of the features are basically designed for business purposes while there are other features that are everyone’s needs, may it be a gamer or an ordinary person.

A question very commonly asked is “What’s the difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro”? The answer is, there aren’t just one or two things that make these two different. There are a lot of features that are additionally enabled in the Pro version such as that of powerful BitLocker, the Trusted Boot feature, etc.

Windows 10 Home Vs Pro

Is Windows 10 Pro Better Than Home?

It won’t be wrong to say that Windows 10 Pro is a better option. When software comes with a new version, that surely means that the older version lacked a few things, hence the need for an advanced version arose. The same is the case with Windows 10 Home. That is why Windows 10 Pro was introduced with better features and performance than the older version.

In this very article, we are going to discuss how Windows 10 Pro is better than the Home and what features does it additionally has.

What Makes Windows 10 Pro a Better Option?

What Makes Windows 10 Pro a Better Option

There are a number of additional features that contribute to Windows 10 Pro being better. Let’s take a look!

Remote Desktop

Although, both the Windows 10 Home and Pro support the Remote Desktop Protocols there still is a difference. With Windows 10 Pro, you can have control over your PC from another device on the network natively. While this is not possible with Windows Home.

The benefit of this feature is that users can access files, programs, and other sensitive material from their work computers through this secure connection. This is not really a need for the gamers but this is one fact that makes Windows Pro superior over Home.

Trusted Boot

The trusted boot is another amazing feature that maintains your PC’s security by working alongside Secure Boot. It is also available in Windows 10 Pro only. With the trusted boot, every aspect of the startup process is checked before going live, ensuring a secure and safe boot.

Windows 10 Home lacks the Trusted Boot feature.


The BitLocker is an encryption tool that is available only in Windows 10 Pro. The tool basically serves the purpose of providing more security for your external USB flash drives as well as the Hard Disk. Like MacOS, it encrypts your hard drive to keep your data safe from hackers.

If you prefer to have more control over the way your data is locked down, the latest version of the BitLocker lets you encrypt specific files as well. However, Windows 10 Home does not support BitLocker.

Massive 2TB RAM

Another great thing about Windows 10 Pro is that it supports the massive 2 TB of RAM which the Home obviously does not. Windows 10 Home supports only up to 128 GB of RAM. And we know, higher memory makes great sense when it comes to gaming and higher performance of your PC.

Hyper V feature

Windows 10 Pro also offers the option of creating a virtual PC within the operating system. This is basically called the Hyper V feature.  A developer can thus work on isolated builds easily, without affecting their central systems.

The virtual PC allows you to access Linux as well. One thing to remember is that the feature is included with your Pro license, but will not work unless you have a current OS key and must be downloaded separately.

The Hyper V feature is, unfortunately, not available in Windows 10 Home.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox allows creating a safer environment. With the help of Windows Sandbox, you can test any program by running it in a sandbox. This would prevent your system from any harm. This works great when you want to test the apps or unknown downloads.

The Sandbox creates an exclusive section of your OS when you use it and disappears when it’s closed. Even if you are searching anonymously, it will disappear once you finish.

However, Windows 10 Home lacks this feature as well.

These were the major differences between the windows Home and Pro. And these are probably the ones that make Windows Pro advantageous over Home.


The 128GB RAM in the Home Edition cannot compare with the 2TB storage capacity of the Pro version. So, when it comes to specs, the Pro version has an edge on the Home version, since it can handle the most RAM.

BitLocker Device Encryption No Yes
Battery Saver Mode Yes Yes
Microsoft Store for Business No Yes
Windows Update of Business No Yes
Parental Controls Yes Yes
WIP (Windows Information Protection) No Yes
Dynamic Provision No Yes
Kiosk Mode Setup No Yes
Memory Supported Up to 128 GB Up to 2 TB


Windows 10 Home

  • A simulated desktop environment
  • Task View – an administration feature for desktops and windows
  • Log in feature to use face recognition
  • DirectX 12 feature is a fantastic improvement for gamers.
  • An updated version of Microsoft Edge is now available
  • Support for fingerprints
  • Lacks some additional features
  • Supports less memory

Windows 10 Pro

  • Has an improved security system
  • Supports greater memory
  • Higher performance and better functionalities
  • Supports BitLocker Device Encryption
  • Hyper V and Windows Sandbox available
  • Mandatory updates are part of Microsoft’s security push


Our Verdict

Overall, Window 10 Pro wins the game for the additional advanced feature it offers. But at the same time, Windows 10 Home is also not a bad choice. If you’re somebody who needs good Windows for normal use or for gaming purposes, Windows 10 Home would be great for you.

But, if you’re somebody whose work is related to business deals and management, you would definitely need a system that is more secure and boosts additional productivity. In that case, Windows 10 Home would be a little average choice. Sm you better g for the Windows 10 Pro.


Which Windows 10 is best for gaming?
When it comes to gaming, Windows 10 Home is often considered to be best for gaming. You can now play video games on your PC instead of using your Xbox One when you have the Xbox streaming feature with the Home version. Additionally, there are several excellent new protections in Windows 10 that haven’t been present in other versions.
Does Windows 10 Pro run slower than home?
No. There is no major difference in the performance of both Windows. Instead, Windows 10 pro offers greater functionalities and a number of advanced features that were not present in older versions.
Can you play games with Windows 10 pro?
Yes. You can play games easily on any Windows 10 PC at your home, may it be the Windows 10 Home or Pro.
Which Windows 10 version is fastest?
Compared to Windows 10 Home or 10 Pro running on similar hardware, Windows 10 S is noticeably faster. From switching and loading apps to booting up, Windows 10 S wins the game.